Frozen 2 is finally here but what fate awaits our animated heroes this time around?

After a long six-year wait, Frozen 2, the sequel to the most successful animated movie of all time, is finally here and definitely doesn’t disappoint with another charming adventure featuring our favourite winter wonderland gang. 

However, while 2013’s Frozen definitely had its dark moments, Frozen 2 goes a whole lot further with its darker tone.

It’s something that was more than hinted at during the trailers and it certainly comes to the surface during the film itself, despite a few cheery songs from Olaf and co.

But what does the film’s darker tone mean for Frozen’s fan-favourite characters?

Spoilers ahead for Frozen 2

The story of Frozen 2

After the events of 2013’s Frozen, which saw Elsa embrace her magical ice powers rather than fear them, Arendelle appears to be safe from all harm.

Le Bal des Folles (The Mad Women’s Ball) | Official Trailer

That is until Elsa begins hearing a mysterious singing voice from far away.

Desperate to learn who the source of the voice is and wanting to know what it could possibly mean for the safety of Arandelle, Elsa and the gang venture off into the unknown in search of answers. 

Does Olaf die in Frozen 2?

Technically, yes. 

On the gang’s perilous adventure, they travel north to discover the origin of this mysterious voice in Elsa’s head.

Despite promising to stick together, Elsa gets separated from the group and continues her journey alone, finally ending up at a place called Ahtohallan where she hopes to finally learn the truth about where her power comes from.

Once there, Elsa begins to freeze up as she learns a terrible truth about Arendelle’s past and once she freezes entirely, her magic is gone.

We cut back to Olaf and Anna’s adventures and are left shocked and almost in tears as Olaf is blown away in a flurry of snowflakes and disappears as Elsa’s magic isn’t keeping him alive anymore.

It all ends well

You just know that there would be uproar if Frozen 2 finished with the death of one of Disney’s most popular characters in the adorable singing snowman.

Thankfully, Olaf’s grizzly fate isn’t permanent as Elsa is thawed out and using her magic manages to bring the lovable snowman back in the final moments of the film and the day is saved.


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