Countdown’s Rachel Riley has got herself embroiled in a huge Twitter row.

When you hear the name Rachel Riley, you’re instantly drawn to thinking about her role on Countdown or perhaps her stint on Strictly Come Dancing in 2013. 

As a result, when you see that Rachel Riley is trending on Twitter, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that it’s because a rude word has come up on Countdown and there’s a hilarious photo of Rachel stood there on set looking all embarrassed.

However, when the social media world awoke today (November 21st) and saw Rachel Riley trending, it was surprising to see that it was for a far different and more controversial reason. 

Rachel Riley has been pictured wearing a T-shirt showing a photo of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn being arrested while wearing a protest board with the words “Jeremy Corbyn is a racist endeavour” photoshopped onto it, something which Twitter users have not taken too kindly to with one commenter calling Riley “a total disgrace.” 

Rachel Riley’s controversial T-shirt

Rachel Riley has been very critical of Jeremy Corbyn over the past few years with claims that under his leadership, the Labour Party has allowed racism and more specifically anti-semitism to grow within its ranks. 

The photo of Riley wearing a T-shirt with the photoshopped words “Jeremy Corbyn is a racist endeavour” is the latest in a long line of comments or actions opposing the Labour leader. 

However, Twitter users have taken issue with the photo that Riley is wearing in the T-shirt as it would appear to paint Jeremy Corbyn in a far different light than the original image. 

What did Jeremy Corbyn’s board actually say?

While Rachel Riley’s T-shirt is a scathing criticism of Jeremy Corbyn, the actual board that Corbyn wore in the photo actually read “Defend the right to demonstrate against apartheid. Join this picket”

The original photo of Jeremy Corbyn that’s been used and photoshopped on this T-shirt is actually a rather famous photo of the Labour leader. 

The photo of Jeremy Corbyn being arrested comes from an anti-apartheid protest that the Labour politician took part in during the 1980s.

After tweeting the photo of her photoshopped T-shirt, Rachel Riley also posted a link to an article claiming that Corbyn’s protests against apartheid were apparently counter-productive.

Twitter hasn’t taken too kindly to it

The reaction to Riley’s controversial T-shirt has been volatile to say the least.

Rachel Riley is well-known for putting convincing arguments together on Twitter but this user disagrees about this instance.

“Normally your arguments, whether I agree with them or not, are presented with justification and reason. But to take a picture of Corbyn campaigning against one of the worst forms of societal racism and re-edit it to suit your narrative is disingenuous.”

While these next Twitter users clearly takes issue with Riley erasing Corbyn’s anti-apartheid message.

“This is, without doubt, the craziest thing I’ve seen on twitter. A white person erasing an anti-apartheid message is new levels of bizarre. It’s something you expect from the alt-right. This person has fronted ‘anti-trolling’ campaigns. Good grief” exclaimed one. 

While another said: “It’s not just any old message you’re erasing. It was a friggin struggle against severe and brutal legalised racism.”

And finally, this tweet perfectly sums up our surprise at why Rachel Riley was trending this morning. 


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