Fans are in shock after an ambiguous season 4 finale.

What are the best TV series of the century so far?

Pretty big question, right? Quite right. However, there are a handful we hear mentioned often enough to make the cut. Foremostly, you have the likes of Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Fleabag, Chernobyl… we could go on. 

Nevertheless, there will always be some devoted fans to argue the case of a slightly less amplified phenomenon. A great example would be The Man in the High Castle. Sure, it’s not heralded quite so widely as the aforementioned titles, but its hardcore following cannot be ignored. 

Created by Frank Spotnitz and produced by Amazon Studios, the series surfaced in 2015 and has already earned such an admirable reputation across just four seasons. 

But, does it all end there?

The Man in the High Castle: Will there be a season 5?

No, there will be no The Man in the High Castle season 5. 

Season 4 is confirmed to be the last one. However, the ending itself suggests that there is much more story to be told that won’t be.

Ending on an ambiguous note, we are left to ponder what comes next, and in this sense, the series will never end; as long as we’re still thinking about it, there is no concrete conclusion. 

Looking back with Frank Spotnitz

It’s always interesting to cast your minds back to the beginning. 

In 2015, Frank Spotnitz was interviewed by Den of Geek about the emerging series. Towards the end of the interview, he got onto discussing the future, saying: “I think my biggest difficulty was at the very beginning, recognising that I would have to add characters and plot that wasn’t in the novel in order to turn it into a television series. My fear was that I couldn’t do that without doing damage to the narrative, so I tried very hard to do it in a way that was respectful to the novel and just kind of gave more space to the themes and ideas that he had established.”

Looking ahead, he argued: “Having done that, I now feel like there’s a whole world of stories that we can explore, for quite some time.” 

After four tremendous seasons, we can agree that this was certainly the case. 

Executive producer Frank Spotnitz attends the Amazon original series “The Man in the High Castle” Emmy FYC screening at the Directors Guild Of America on May 23, 2016 in Los Angeles,…

Fans talk The Man in the High Castle ending

One viewer recently wrote on Twitter: “Just finished The Man in the High Castle. It had a CRAPPY ENDING! It was horrible,” while another tweeted: “I finished watching The Man in the High Castle today. I was disappointed in the ending.”

Another also weighed in: “Why must shows try to out ‘art’ themselves. Ending explained nothing. Ended in the middle of a confusing reveal. Just garbage. Love the show but that ending was TRASH…”

This fan tweeted: “What an ending. The Man in the High Castle is a life-changing watch. However, I cannot BELIEVE THEY LEFT IT THERE,” while another similarly contributed: “Really enjoyed the final season of The Man in the High Castle, but the ending has left me more confused than ever before. So many new questions just tossed into the mix to never be answered.”

We’ll be talking about this finale for years to come. 

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