In November, HITC took to the Hippodrome Casino to celebrate Magic Mike Live’s first birthday in London

If you’ve been to London over the past year, there’s an extremely high chance that you will have seen the advertising for Magic Mike Live. Whether plastered across the side of a bus or down in the depths of the underground, the black and white image of a shirtless male dancer is pretty unmissable.

But what you’ll understand from actually attending the show is that the live experience offers so much more than shirtless men stripping down to their thongs.

Here’s why the Magic Mike Live experience is 5/5 and why you should attend.

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Surprising elements of comedy 

From the outset of the live show, we knew we were in for a good time. And not just because we had a pink, tequila-based cocktail in hand but because our MC for the evening burst on to the stage in such a brilliant, surprising way that all of the audience were caught off guard.

Now, the majority of the fun is going into the show blind, so there will be no spoilers here.

All we can say, is that the host of the show has the hilarity of a stand-up comic and the charisma of a cabaret performer, making them the perfect MC for Magic Mike Live.

If you think this show is all about shirtless men gyrating on ‘hen doers’ then you’d be wrong.

Magic moves raise the temperature

If you’ve seen both Magic Mike movies, you’ll understand that although stripping is at the core of the film, and so is some seriously impressive dance moves. It was like Channing Tatum took everything great about Step Up and amplified it by ten.

So, it’s no surprise that the live show features some memorable and at points jaw-dropping dance routines. And it’s not just because they centre around some pretty eyebrow-raising moves.

If there is one thing for sure about the men of Magic Mike Live – besides the given fact they’re rippled with muscles – it’s that they’re extremely talented. From backflips to aerial acrobatics, the live show has it all!

Get your hands on Magic Mike tickets

To visit the Live show, there are two main requirements. One, that you’re over the age of 18, and two, that you feel comfortable with the prospect of being danced on by a shirtless male. There’s a strong chance it will happen!

Tickets are currently booking until April 2020, so there are plenty of opportunities to visit over the coming months.

The prices start at £29 and range up to £125 if you are booking last minute. Find out more about booking tickets through the Magic Mike Live website here.

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