For all you chocolate lovers out there, let’s settle this.

What is your favourite chocolate bar?

Let’s face it, there are simply so many out there that we adore. Sometimes you’re in the mood to chomp down on a Snickers, and other times, just one bar won’t cut it – it’s time for a Twix. 

If two doesn’t cut it, then you can double-down with a Kit Kat. When taking into consideration all the chocolates available right now, it becomes a total dilemma of choosing a favourite. 

However, who said the best chocolate had to be a bar? Nobody, and that’s because you have the likes of Maltesers brightening up supermarket shelves and beyond. 

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Mint Maltesers

If you’re partial to mint chocolate, you’ll be well aware of some of the gems on the market. 

Aero Mint is arguably one of the very best, but it doesn’t end there; we love a good After Eight too! Then again, there are some chocolates we’ve once stared at and thought “hmm, they really need to roll out a mint flavour.”

Admittedly, we’ve never really thought this about Maltesters, but that makes us all the more curious to try them, because they do, indeed, exist. 


Mint Maltesers: Where to buy

It appears that Mint Maltesers are available in Australia, but not in the UK. 

However, a number of people in the UK have posted pictures of the item, which Maltesters explained on Twitter in 2018, saying: “Mint Maltesers is not a product that we sell in the UK. We’re aware that some shops and online retailers import and sell non-UK products and unfortunately it’s not something we can control.”

This, of course, means that they’re pretty difficult to find here. Over on eBay, however, you can find those selling Maltesers Teasers Mint Blocks in bulk, but with almost £40 in shipping costs from Australia alone, it’s only for the die-hard chocolate lovers out there. 

Some stores may randomly stock them, so if you’re up for the hunt, it’s worth taking a look. 


What do chocolate lovers think of Mint Maltesers?

A number of people have responded to the product over on Twitter.

One sceptic wrote: “Mint is for chewing gum, Tictacs or After Eights…not the mighty Maltesers.”

Similarly, another added: “Nope, I love Maltesers and I love mint, but no!” while another agreed: “No, no and nope! Maltesers are perfection as they are. Mint chocolates have to be Matchmakers or After Eights. The two can not be combined…”

The internet is pretty divided – we hope you manage to find some to try for yourselves!

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