Sony loyalists will be happy to hear that the Blair Witch video game is finally coming to the PS4 after having already been released on Xbox One.

The Blair Witch video game is coming to the PlayStation 4 after previously releasing for the Xbox One only back on August 30th.

This fantastic news comes via Bloober Team who have announced that their psychological horror will arrive on Sony’s console this December 3rd.

In addition to various “gameplay and technical enhancements,” those brave enough to wander about the Blair Witch’s woods in the thick of night will also be rewarded with the chance to customise the adorable Bullet thanks to a Good Boy Pack.

This pack includes new dog skins, new in-game cellphone games, wallpapers and content, plus unique animations for Bullet to make him even more realistic.

The Blair Witch video game will be available to download from the PlayStation Store on December 3rd for $29.99. Sony loyalists will be able to purchase physical copies at a later date.

Original Story:

Despite having only been announced at a pretty poor E3 2019, The Blair Witch video game by Bloober Team is coming out in just ten days. It arrives this August 2019 with a bunch of other fantastic titles such as Control and Man Of Medan, but will it eventually turn its Xbox One and PC threesome into a foursome with the PlayStation 4?

Man Of Medan and The Blair Witch are two of the most notable horror video games coming out this year, and it’s perhaps the latter that has more eyes on it thanks to its affiliation with the most famous found footage horror movie of all time.

However, is it a daunting stroll through the woods that PlayStation 4 gamers will have to solely admire from afar, or is it a nightmare Sony loyalists will one day be able to experience after the Blair Witch is done toying with the Xbox One and PC communities?

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What is The Blair Witch on Xbox One?

Developed by Bloober Team, the people responsible for Observer and the Layers Of Fear series, The Blair Witch is a “story-driven psychological horror game that studies your reactions to fear and stress.”

It puts you in the shoes of an ex-policeman called Ellis, where you’ll be accompanied by a beautiful dog as you explore the infamous Black Hills Forest to find a missing boy.

People have primarily compared it to Outlast thanks to its first-person perspective and utilisation of a video camera with night vision, but it’s also comparable to Hideo Kojima’s cancelled Silent Hills because of how its story involves time loops.

But, unlike the aforementioned titles, The Blair Witch does contain some form of combat, and it also has a gorgeous dog that you will want to protect with your life. Then again, you probably shouldn’t get too attached as dogs in horror movies pretty much die all the time.

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Will The Blair Witch arrive on PS4?

Once it releases on August 30, The Blair Witch will be an indefinable demon for only Xbox One and PC gamers to taunt as they enter her woods.

PlayStation 4 loyalists won’t be able to join their mates for the spooky and ill-thought-out camping trip, but it’s possible they might be able to at a later date.

Speaking to PushSquare about the possibility of a PS4 release, a Bloober Team PR representative said that the company is currently “concentrating on PC and Xbox One at this time.”

This response could imply that The Blair Witch is merely a timed exclusive, which wouldn’t be all that shocking considering Bloober Team’s Observer and Layers Of Fear are on Sony’s system.

Granted, this doesn’t confirm that the invisible she-devil will eventually use her powers to make PS4 gamers wet themselves, but it does give Sony loyalists a glimmer of hope.

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