Gold Digger series 2 remains in the balance as fans fear the worst

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Gold Digger has been gripping fans since it arrived on the BBC but will it be getting a second series?

When it comes to gripping drama series, few manage to do it better than the BBC.

In recent weeks we've been treated to the likes of His Dark Materials, World on Fire and now BBC One's Gold Digger.

The series started airing on BBC One on November 12th with all episodes arriving on BBC iPlayer on the same day.

Fan reaction to the series has been positive and for those who have watched all of Gold Digger's episodes, the calls for a second series have started already but will the drama be getting a second series?

What is Gold Digger about?

Gold Digger tells the story of a wealthy 60-year-old woman, Julia, and her 36-year-old boyfriend, Benjamin. 

While the pair seem completely besotted with each other, Julia's friends and family have their suspicions about Benjamin and believe that he's only in this relationship for the money. 

The series is packed with plenty of twists and turns that leave fans guessing right up until the final episode. 

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How many episodes are there in series 1?

Series 1 contains a total of six episodes, all of which are roughly an hour long.

On BBC One, the series began on November 12th and is set to run until December 17th at 9pm on Tuesday evenings.

However, all six episodes are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

For those who have already binge-watched the series, the calls for Gold Digger to get a series 2 have already begun but...  

Will there be a second series?

At the time of writing, it isn't looking likely. 

There has been little to suggest that the BBC are planning a second series of Gold Digger, although only two episodes of the series have aired on BBC One so far.

However, for those who have watched the episodes on iPlayer, you'll know that we aren't really left with an ending that calls for more as the show's story threads are wrapped up pretty nicely. 

Unless the viewing figures for Gold Digger are hugely impressive and there are plenty of calls for a second series from the show's fanbase, it looks very likely that the BBC series will end after just one series. 

Until then, Gold Digger continues on BBC One at 9pm on Tuesday evenings and will do so until the show's final episode on December 17th. 

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