Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino’s future at the club has never been so uncertain.

According to ESPN, Tottenham Hotspur’s players have been left frustrated by Mauricio Pochettino’s conduct in the media this season.

Pochettino has complained a lot to the press, with the Spurs boss regularly in tetchy moods at his news conferences.

Tottenham players have apparently picked up on Pochettino’s hostility towards the media, and are reportedly frustrated with his complaints.

ESPN report that Tottenham’s players initial frustrations stem from Pochettino’s comments before the Champions League final.

On that occasion, the Spurs boss claimed that he could quit Tottenham if they were to win in Madrid.

Of course, Spurs ended up losing the final, so it was never found out whether Pochettino’s threat was true, but the players in the squad were reportedly alarmed by the comments.

Tottenham have not been the same team throughout 2019, and Pochettino has shown very few signs that he is on the verge of starting a recovery.

Spurs’s play has looked tired and idealess, with the North London side currently in the bottom half in the Premier League.

Pochettino is thought to have held crisis talks with Daniel Levy this week, with his future now very uncertain.

The details of what were said at the meeting are now starting to come to light, with ESPN claiming Pochettino expressed his frustrations during the conversation with Levy.

The current Spurs boss wanted more change to his squad over the summer, but he only got three new signings added to his team, and the bulk of Tottenham’s players stuck around.

Pochettino’s and Levy’s talks are said to have focused around this matter, with the Argentine boss telling Levy that more needed to be done. 

Tottenham are next in action at the weekend, and if they lose to West Ham United, it could now be the final straw for Pochettino.

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