Stuart Dallas might just be Leeds United’s equivalent to James Milner.

Any time James Milner posts something on Twitter, there’s a good chance that Leeds United fans will account for quite a hefty percent of the responses.

The Liverpool midfielder is constantly being told to re-sign for the Elland Road club on social media, having first joined Leeds as a boy in 1996.

Milner, who turns 34 in January, has gone on to enjoy a superb career which consists of over 500 Premier League appearances, two league titles – both at Manchester City – and a Champions League crown under Jurgen Klopp a little earlier this year.

He is adored by Kop and Klopp alike and it’s not because of his trophy haul, or his passing, or his technical ability. It’s simply boils down to his attitude.

You can see why fans of the West Yorkshire side are desperate to have him back. Thing is, they already have a James Milner-type in the squad.

Leeds’ Stuart Dallas might not have the Champions League winners medal or the hundreds of Premier League appearances, but he is right up there with Milner in terms of heart and dedication.

On Saturday, Dallas played no fewer than four different positions in Northern Ireland’s 0-0 draw. He played left-back, right-back, left wing and centre-midfield, effortlessly slotting into each role without complaint.

He joined as a winger and has spent most of his Leeds career there, but the truth is that he doesn’t have a position. Dallas, like Milner under Klopp, is simply anything that his manager needs him to be.

One of the many mantras in West Yorkshire is ‘Side before Self’ and in Dallas, they have a player who embodies that in the same way Milner does on Merseyside.

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