The fast-food favourites have finally unveiled their Christmas advert.

Keep those Christmas adverts coming!

If you’re particularly festive, chances are you’re loving the bombardment of seasonal adverts which have recently surfaced on our screens. 

There is always hot competition when determining the best Christmas advert of the year, and in 2019, such competition is particularly tough. We’ve had charming tales from the likes of John Lewis and Sainsbury’s, and then there was a bit of a game-changer from IKEA, who decided to put grime music in an Xmas ad for the first time ever. 

Now, we’ve all been treated to a heartwarming little story from McDonald’s…  


McDonald’s: Reindeer Ready advert

The fast-food giant’s latest UK advert centres upon a young girl who wants to play reindeer with her sister. However, the teen tells her younger sibling to grow up, and the girl ventures outside, allowing her imagination to conjure up an adorable reindeer for her to spend time with. 

As the unlikely pair bond, the warmth shared rubs off on her older sister. After running out of “Reindeer Treats”, which sport a McDonald’s logo on the packaging, her dad takes them all to the restaurant to pick up more. Upon arrival, it’s revealed that Archie the Reindeer is, in fact, her dog sporting some novelty ears. 

“Us reindeers like McNuggets too,” announces the older sister, joining in the fun; “I think you might be right,” replies dad. 

Can you get Reindeer Treats at McDonald’s?

Yes, you can!

As noted by Campaign, last year’s advert saw them launch the #ReindeerReady hashtag and the promotion of “Reindeer Treats”; these are their standard carrot sticks, rebranded for the festive period.

They have been made previously available and considering their prevalence in the 2019 advert, we can expect them to make a triumphant return. 

A recent reply tweet from McDonald’s has also helped to promote the product:

Fans react to McDonald’s Christmas ad on Twitter

A number of audiences have taken to Twitter to offer praise, with one writing: “Okay, the #McDonalds advert wins. Everyone else can go home.”

Similarly, one posted: “I literally believe @McDonalds have won the Christmas advert challenge of 2019!” while another added: “McDonald’s Christmas advert actually made me cry it’s just so cute #ReindeerReady @McDonaldsUK.”

Continuing to sing its praises, this admirer weighed in: “I swear that the @McDonaldsUK Christmas advert is the best one out there this year! It is so heart-warming and just totally adorable.”

We hope you enjoyed it as much as these did – be sure to pick up some Reindeer Treats!

In other news, when will Kevin the Carrot be in Aldi?