The cast of His Dark Materials is already superb but is about to add another huge name to its ranks.

The BBC certainly isn’t holding back with its long-awaited TV adaptation of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. 

Not only is the series the BBC’s most expensive show ever, with an average spend equalling £6.25 million per episode but the series boasts a stunning cast with plenty of big names.

While Dafne Keen, James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson and Lin Manuel Miranda are all stealing the show in season 1 of the epic fantasy, fans caught a glimpse of an upcoming key character in the show’s third episode.

John Parry, also known as Jopari and Dr. Stanislaus Grumman, has been mentioned throughout the opening episodes of series 1 and is set to play a crucial role in the series going forward.

Naturally, only a big-name actor would be suitable for such a key character and the BBC seem to agree.  

Andrew Scott in His Dark Materials

Andrew Scott was actually cast as John Parry back in August but for fans of His Dark Materials who haven’t kept entirely up to date with the news surrounding the show, the Fleabag and Sherlock actor’s appearance in His Dark Materials’ will certainly have come as quite the surprise.

We only see a photo of Andrew Scott’s character, John Parry, but being such a recognisable actor it’s not hard to deduce that he’s going to fill a key role later on in the series.

Who is Andrew Scott’s character, John Parry?

John Parry goes by a number of names in His Dark Materials. He’s first introduced to us in episode one as Stanislaus Grumman, a scholar at Jordan College and a colleague of Lord Asriel.

However, we’re led to believe that Grumman is dead after Asriel presents a severed head in a block of ice but it quickly transpires that this may not be the head of Grumman after all.

By episode three, we learn through the secretive adventures of Lord Carlo Boreal that Grumman is believed to be alive and is actually from a different world altogether.

Boreal discovers that Grumman is actually a soldier from our world who somehow travelled between the worlds, something that plays a huge part later on in the series. 

In this story arc, we’re given our first glimpse of another key character as well, John Parry’s son, Will, who goes onto become as crucial a character as Lyra herself.

Fans definitely approve!

It’s safe to say that fans of His Dark Materials weren’t expecting to see Andrew Scott appear as John Parry but it seems to be a casting choice that has gone down rather well.

One fan wrote on Twitter “Yessss first sighting of Andrew Scott as John Parry” while another tweeted “Did anyone else have a little moment of excitement when they showed the picture of John Parry?! I did not know Andrew Scott was going to be in this!”

However, the reveal isn’t quite pleasing everyone as John Parry doesn’t appear until Phillip Pullman’s second book and his appearance in season 1, according to this viewer “Andrew Scott??? Weird that they’re showing John Parry already” appears to be rushing things.

If Twitter has exploded into life at just a photo of Andrew Scott, just wait until the Irish actor make his first full appearance in His Dark Materials. 

His Dark Materials continues at each Sunday at 8pm on BBC One until the final episode airs on December 22nd.

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