Beyond 100 Days’ Katty Kay has been missing from the programme for the past few weeks.

We all have our own favourite TV presenters. Whether that’s the hosts of a certain TV show or a favourite newsreader, we almost always have a preference.

That makes it twice as difficult when said TV presenter is absent from their regular presenting duties.

Beyond 100 Days viewers have had to cope with exactly that as co-host Katty Kay has been absent from the news programme for the past few weeks.

Naturally, regular viewers have been quick to ask about where the TV presenter has gone. 

Katty Kay appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press

Get to know Katty Kay

Katty (Katherine) Kay, is a TV presenter for the BBC programme Beyond 100 Days which is a current affairs news programme that has followed the Donald Trump administration since he was inaugurated as President of the United States in 2017.

Katty Kay, who has had a long and storied career in journalism, has presented Beyond 100 Days with her co-host Christian Fraser for over two and a half years and in that time has become a firm favourite with viewers.

Katty Kay absent from Beyond 100 Days

After presenting the show since January 2017, her sudden disappearance in September 2019 not only from Beyond 100 Days but also Twitter has sparked up no small amount of debate among viewers who have become used to seeing the presenter on their screens.

It turns out that the reason for her sudden departure from Beyond 100 Days was actually due to the arrival of an ‘amazing opportunity’ according to Katty but where has she gone?

Where is Katty Kay?

Katty Kay has temporarily left her role on Beyond 100 Days and abandoned her social media as she and her family have moved to Senegal in Africa for the autumn.

The experienced journalist is taking a break from presenting to join her husband, who runs a non-profit organisation, in Africa.

In doing so, she’ll be dedicating her time to writing a new book.

Katty confirmed the news on Twitter before she left at the end of August.

There is no news on when Katty will return to her role on Beyond 100 Days but it’s clear to see that the opportunity to begin a new chapter was too good to miss for the journalist. 

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