Opinion: The 2019 WWF Christmas advert is needed now more than ever

WWF Christmas Advert Jaguar

The 2019 WWF Christmas advert is not your usual Christmas advert

While most adverts that release in the run-up to Christmas are full of festive cheer and look to build up your excitement for the holiday season, the latest effort from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a far cry from the cheerful adverts that have become the norm at this time of year.

However, while Christmas is an ideal time to forget about the world's problems for a few days, WWF wants to make sure that the world's wildlife isn't forgotten this Christmas as more and more of Earth's natural habitats are destroyed. 

Their latest hard-hitting advert is another stark reminder of the damage humanity is causing to the planet and like last year's banned Iceland advert, hopes to spread awareness that while we're all tucking into our Christmas dinner on December 25th, the world's wildlife is being given less and less space to survive. 

What is WWF?

WWF, also known as the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, is an international non-government organisation that specialises in working to ensure that our planet's wildlife is protected.

Their most prominent campaign promotes the adoption of animals in order to ensure they and their habitats stay protected and most recently in the UK, ran an ad campaign asking for viewers to adopt the highly endangered and rare snow leopards.   

WWF stand at COP 24, the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Katowice, Poland on 5 December, 2018.

The 2019 WWF Christmas advert

WWF's 2019 Christmas advert is far more hard-hitting than the likes of John Lewis' charming Excitable Edgar advert and features a terrified Jaguar fleeing from the destruction that humanity is causing to its rainforest habitat. 

The advert harkens back to Iceland's banned Christmas advert about palm oil in that it shows huge, dark and ominous machines tearing down trees and burning the rainforest.

Unlike Iceland's ad, which was 2D animated, WWF's latest effort is created through stop-motion which gives a more tangible feel to the plight of the fleeing Jaguar.

WWF Christmas Advert

Needed now more than ever

The blunt advert is arguably needed now more than ever as climate change becomes an ever-more apparent threat to us and our planet's wildlife.

As well as seeing trees felled by monstrous vehicles, the sight of the Jaguar's rainforest burning is another image that should ring a few bells for viewers as it was only a few weeks ago that the Amazon rainforest was the victim of ferocious fires that Brazil's government appeared, at least at first, not to care about.

On top of that, major flooding across the UK is becoming an ever-increasing sight and is something else that should send alarm bells ringing across the country. 

With a new David Attenborough series currently airing on BBC One regularly shedding a worrying light on the damage we're doing to our planet, and the summer of climate activism from Extinction Rebellion on the streets of the UK and Greta Thunberg at the UN, this latest advert from WWF is maintaining the push for action before it's too late and it's time we sat up and took note.

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