The season 9 finale recently aired to the adoration of fans.

Another season bites the dust…

Don’t you just hate when one of your favourite shows finishes a season? There’s always that sense of uncertainty; is there more on the way? What’s set to change?

On the other hand, Doc Martin fans are pretty much used to waiting by now. The beloved British comedy-drama series has been on screens since 2004 and has now run for an impressive nine seasons. 

Over the years, we’ve watched Martin Ellingham (played by the one-and-only Martin Clunes) meet a range of interesting characters, taking on new challenges and fresh faces with every batch of episodes. Season 9 surfaced back in September and recently concluded with its eighth episode on Wednesday, November 13th 2019. 

Already, fans are wondering when they can return to Portwenn… 

Will there be a Doc Martin season 10?

No, we’re afraid not.

According to The Sun, season 9 was the last season of Doc Martin; the entire series is comprised of 70 episodes in total. 

Since Dominic Minghella’s series began airing, fans have always been eager to check in for more, but it appears it has now cemented a 15-year legacy. 

A cracking one at that!


Doc Martin: The finale!

The final episode saw Tom Conti drop in to guest star as Bernard Newton. 

Tackling the role of a prestigious surgeon, his role in the episode is to assess Doc in the final part of the General Medical Council assessment, which has been a recurring thread throughout the season. 

The pair share a heartening friendship, and it was great to see them converse as the episode rolled around to a close. 

Of course, that wasn’t all that was going on in Portwenn. Morwenna (Jessica Ransom) and Al’s (Joe Absolom) wedding is plagued with dramatic complications, and amidst some unexpected appearances, it proved to be a worthy finale. 

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean we don’t want more!


Doc Martin season 9: Audience verdict

Fans have flocked to Twitter to offer their immediate takes.

One recently wrote: “@Jack_Lothian What a fantastic series finale to Doc Martin! You could not have written a better episode. You included a bit of everything that has made us fall in love with the show. Beautiful interaction between Martin and Louisa. Here’s to season 10!”

Sorry to share the news, but that’s it. 

Another argued: “Okay, Doc Martin is one of my absolute favourite shows but the ending of the season finale and possibly the last episode ever just can’t be so!”

Reflecting on the episode, one fan weighed in: “The wedding was so good, it was obvious Louisa would announce her pregnancy whether this was last ever or series finale but I found it a twist with Martin. The problem that’s always plagued him has cost him, yet is that the first time he’s ever said I love you? #DocMartin “

Hopefully, they decide to bring it back in the future – never say never!

In other news, when will Kevin the Carrot be in Aldi?