Where to buy Excitable Edgar as toy sales fuel John Lewis’ 2019 Christmas advert

John Lewis Advert 2019 Excitable Edgar Header

Say hello to Excitable Edgar in John Lewis' 2019 Christmas advert.

The 2019 John Lewis Christmas advert is finally here which can only mean one thing, Christmas starts now!

Like the John Lewis Christmas ads of years gone by, we're introduced to an adorable new character, this year it's a delightful dragon called Excitable Edgar, who instantly steals our hearts and will no doubt have fans asking for their own version of the wide-eyed dragon.

Well, you're in luck as Excitable Edgar has his own range of products from cuddly teddies to engrossing storybooks.

But where can you find this charming range of merchandise?

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Meet Excitable Edgar

The 2019 John Lewis & Partners Christmas advert was released on November 14th, 2019, a few days later than it's dropped in previous years.

The advert follows a young girl, Ava, and her fire-breathing friend, Excitable Edgar, as they enjoy the wintery Christmas festivities but given Edgar's fiery nature, not everyone is too impressed with the bitesize dragon.

Edgar manages to get himself into all sorts of trouble after melting or setting fire to everything in sight from snowmen, an ice rink and even the town's Christmas tree.

Thankfully, it all ends well for Edgar as his fire-breathing comes in rather handy with the Christmas pudding.

John Lewis Advert 2019 Excitable Edgar Xmas Pud

Where to buy Excitable Edgar

Each year, the characters in John Lewis' trademark Christmas adverts usually end up as a cuddly toy and fans of the gorgeous green dragon are in luck once again 2019.

Excitable Edgar is available in cute cuddly teddy form at both John Lewis and its partner shop Waitrose, as well as online, and is priced at £15. 

However, that's not all as Excitable Edgar has a whole range of products that also includes an Excitable Edgar storybook (£9.99), Edgar-themed Wellington boots (£16-£19), Edgar-themed slippers (£16-£19) as well as Edgar-themed pyjamas (£17-£19), all of which are unbelievably adorable.

All of the Excitable Edgar range can be found on the John Lewis website here.

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