The Fortnite community is signing a petition for Epic Games to start releasing patch notes again for Chapter 2.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has been a breath of fresh air following the abysmal season 10, but fans are not happy about the lack of communication from Epic Games thanks to them no longer posting in-depth patch notes. This has resulted in the community creating a fresh petition with the hope that it will encourage the developer’s to return to their ways.

The week 6 Hide and Seek challenges for Fortnite Chapter 2 have been leaked online, but a lot of fans are still bothered about the lack of patch notes following yesterday’s update 11.11. If you’re hoping for Epic Games to inform you of everything that’s new with every update in the future, then you may want to sign the petition.

How to sign the Fortnite Chapter 2 petition

The Bring Patch Notes Back to Fortnite Chapter 2 petition was created 22-hours ago by FNBR HQ. As of writing, it has racked up 7,745 signatures with the hope of completing 10,000.

“Patch Notes are crucial for the future of the game, and it’s something that unites the developer, (in this case Epic Games) and the playerbase,” says the petition’s description.

“If the players of the game are not informed on what changes are being made, their decisions will remain private and therefore, the game won’t be able to evolve or improve. Players can’t judge a change if they haven’t been informed of it.”

You can sign the petition by clicking here.

Epic Games haven’t provided a reason for why they’ve decided to stop posting patch notes for Chapter 2, but hopefully the clamouring from fans will encourage them to return to their ways. It’s unlikely but all the community can do is hope.

“We need patch notes for the game to evolve”

Some of the Fortnite community have echoed the sentiments of the petition by declaring on Twitter over the past month that they want patch notes back. Again, it’s 99% unlikely to happen, but maybe the continuous uproar from fans will cause Epic Games to rethink.

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