It’s safe to say that this farmer made the most of his time in front of the camera.

We are truly witnessing British politics as a battlefield right now. 

Our time is one of significant political divide, and arguably, there are more people actively seeking to be involved in it all right now than any other time in recent memory. 

As Brexit continues to sustain public headache and Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn supporters continue to clash, citing promises made and disputed, it’s a time of unsettling uncertainty. 

It’s no surprise that many harbour very strong views on the current political landscape; if you’re given the chance to offer your take on TV, you’re going to embrace the opportunity wholeheartedly, just as this Bishop Auckland farmer has done…

Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves Downing Street for the House of Commons on October 19, 2019 in London, England. Parliament is sitting on a Saturday, for the first time since the…

BBC’s viral vox pop with Bishop Auckland farmer 

Recently, a BBC interview with a  farmer from the north-eastern town of Bishop Auckland has gone viral across social media. 

The reporter appeared pretty surprised when the interviewee began to dig deeply into his views on the state of things in wake of the EU referendum. 

The clip has been shared on Twitter extensively, as he has captured how many feel with such statements as this: ‘I’ve yet to see anybody put a solid argument up for leaving Europe.” Check out his speech below:


Bishop Auckland farmer speech: “… woke up as Little Britain”

In a passionate monologue, he weighed in: ” It’s like a turkey voting for Christmas, isn’t it? It’s the epitome of what the human race can do, it’s the faith that we might be better outside the EU and there’s no solid basis for it – I’ve yet to see anybody put a solid argument up for leaving Europe.”

He continued: “We’re far better working together as a common community than we are split up. On the night of the referendum, we went to bed as Great Britain and we woke up as Little Britain and that’s a tragedy. And all the things they put forward, none of them are as good as staying in Europe – all the alternatives they put forward, none of them are [better]. You’ve got to trade with your local neighbours.”

Pressing on, he expressed: “Donald Trump is wishing to take over the health service. Boris Johnson will go to negotiate with Donald as a little boy, pat him on the head. Boris Johnson has stuffed the DUP. He went over here, gave empty promises and the day after he sold them [out].

“It’s the Irish problem, he can’t sort it. He set about this, he promised £350m, he knew that was a lie. He lied to the British public and he’s perpetrating this lie now… He should be sent to jail…”


Audiences react to Bishop Auckland Farmer on Twitter

As expected, many have taken to Twitter to offer their thoughts. 

One viewer wrote: “A farmer from Bishop Auckland gives one of the greatest ever commentaries on Brexit and Boris Johnson: ‘We went to bed as Great Britain and woke up as Little Britain’. Put that on a bus.”

Another tweeted: “What sense this man speaks. I love ‘we went to bed as Great Britain and woke up as Little Britain’. Exactly how I feel about it. #PeoplesVote,” while one added: “Absolutely fabulous! He will forever be my favourite farmer from Bishop Auckland… Truer words have never been spoken.”

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