Please welcome a brand new icon of British comedy.

What a treat!

There are many genres we known and love, but some come with their restrictions. Action blockbusters demand a satisfactory budget, but when it comes to comedy, you needn’t put a price on making people laugh. 

You can do it with next to no money at all – you simply need a camera! The majority of us are well aware of how much humour arises in the workplace, and in retail, the hilarious possibilities are endless. 

Plenty of titles have proven this, with the likes of Trollied, PhoneShop and beyond managing to raise consistent laughs with every episode. 

Now, it’s time to dive into the life of Charity Shop Sue…

Who is Charity Shop Sue?

Charity Shop Sue is a character from the YouTube mockumentary series of that name. 

Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary | Official Trailer | IMDb TV

As outlined by the British Comedy Guide, Sue Tuke works as the manager of Sec*hand Chances, a charity shop in Bulwell, Nottingham.

She was once a fashion stylist who worked for a range of celebrities living it up in Paris and Milan. However, her expertise are now put to work in the shop, after also having been the landlady at the local pub The Moon and Stars. Although somewhat of a local celeb thanks to her former career, she’s now experienced a great deal of heartache; her ex-husband fled with her savings. 

Picking herself back up, she requests a student filmmaker to film what goes on in the charity shop. What we witness is the footage. 

Charity Shop Sue: Selina Mosinski

The central character of Sue is played by the immensely talented Selina Mosinski. 

It appears that Sue is her only role, as it is a small web series. Nevertheless, it’s continuing to attract a very devoted following online, who simply can’t get enough of her winning sense of humour. 

The rest of the central cast is made up of Sherrie Johnson (she plays Kersch Callahan), Joyce Townsley (Vera Goodard), Nicola Harness (Viki Wilson) and Alison Darksus (Madalicat363). 

Their performances have made the show something truly special, and fans have recently taken to Twitter to praise it, with one tweeting: “Charity Shop Sue is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever watched I AM HOWLING…”

Another viewer also posted: “I literally can not get enough of Charity Shop Sue.”


Charity Shop Sue: How many episodes?

According to the earlier source, the series is made up of six episodes, with the final episode set to release on Tuesday, November 19th 2019. 

Episodes are all available on YouTube; each one is split into three parts. 

We hope to see it return for another series. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the six episodes of comedy gold we already have!

In other news, when is Christmas Jumper Day 2019?