Disney Plus subscribers on PS4 are desperately seeking a fix for the app’s closed captions and subtitles.

Disney Plus has launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and a vast array of other devices, and fans so far are in love with its countless offerings and have also reacted positively to the very first episode of the Mandalorian. Unfortunately, a boatload of issues with the closed captions and subtitles seem to have plagued a lot of people’s experience with the app, and so far there doesn’t seem to be a fix.

A Disney Plus subscription costs $7 a month or $70 for an entire year, and it offers well more than enough bang to warrant your buck. It’s a shame that the best episodes of The Simpsons have been ruined, but other than that fans can watch a countless array of forgotten TV shows and movies.

All of this would be perfect if there weren’t any issues with the closed captions and subtitles on Sony’s console.

Disney Plus on PS4: Subscribers demand a fix for closed captions and subtitles

PlayStation 4 users have justly complained on Reddit about some of the issues they’ve experienced with the Disney Plus closed captions and subtitles.

One Reddit post says that the subtitles for the Mandalorian would only show up at the very top of the screen with only the bottom half of the letters showing.

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Another post complains about the closed captions for movies like Lady and the Tramp being slow and/or delayed.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, numerous people have reacted with disgust to the black bar behind the closed captions and subtitles.

Others have taken issue with the inability to change the subtitle settings, and the final problem seems to be with them appearing randomly and on inappropriate parts of the screen.

How to fix the Disney Plus closed captions and subtitles on PS4

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a fix shared as of yet for how to stop the closed captions and subtitles from appearing randomly or at the very top of the screen.

There’s also no fix for them being delayed, too slow and irrelevant to what’s happening in the action.

However, if you’re having an issue with changing the subtitle’s settings, a Reddit post claims you can resolve the issue by accessing Settings on your PS4 and proceeding to Accessibility and then Closed Captions.

From here you’ll want to enable Closed Captions and then disable the Show Closed Captions as Specified by Content option.

This will allow you to change the font of the subtitles as well as the background colour to 0% opacity if you don’t want a black bar to interfere with your viewing.

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