A guide for which courses in Mario Kart Tour have Piranha Plants and how to take out five of them.

Call Of Duty Mobile has beaten Mario Kart Tour‘s first month downloads, but the Nintendo adaptation is still hugely popular and has received a new set of challenges. One of the many new challenges includes taking out five Piranha Plants, and in this guide you’ll discover two courses for which you can easily complete the objective on.

Mario Kart Tour is set to receive a multiplayer beta in December, meaning you’ll soon be able to play with your mates in competitive match-ups. However, before then, you can complete the newest set of challenges by following the below guide.

How to take out five Piranha Plants in Mario Kart Tour

To take out five Piranha Plants in Mario Kart Tour you’ll want to compete on either Choco Island 2 from the Peach Cup or Yoshi Circuit from the Yoshi Cup.

Regardless of which course you choose, you’ll want to a pick a driver who it favours.

Yoshi is the obvious choice for Yoshi Circuit, meanwhile Wendy is the candidate for Choco Island 2. You’ll want to use either of these two drivers so they can pick up three items simultaneously and thus have a chance at attaining a frenzy.

Choco Island 2 is an easy course to complete the challenge on as it has more than enough Piranha Plants for you to complete the objective in two – if not one – attempts. You can hit the Piranha Plants with throwable items or just by driving into them.

Meanwhile, Yoshi Circuit is also easy as it has three giant Piranha Plants you can hit in a row. Just know that you will need a Frenzy or a Giant Mushroom to take out these gigantic plants when hitting them.

And that’s all you need to know for how to take out five Piranha Plants in Mario Kart Tour. We also recommend disenabling smart steering to make the challenge easier.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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