Everything you must know about how to perform the duplication glitch for The Outer Worlds on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Outer Worlds has been out since October 25th and it has quickly grown a rapport for being a worthwhile substitute for Fallout while Bethesda d**k about with Fallout 76 1st. Obsidian’s newest RPG is great because of its loveable characters, engaging story and sheer amount of replayability, and reliving the adventure can be made even easier and more appealing via performing the now famous duplication glitch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

There’s a lot of weapons and armour to buy in The Outer Worlds from poor saps who have their head stuck in the moon, but you need Bits to buy most of these items as well as to select certain dialogue options/resolutions during missions and conversations.

Fortunately, the above can become a no longer apparent issue by simply performing the duplication glitch. This is because the cheat essentially allows you to earn unlimited amounts of money.

What is the duplication glitch in The Outer Worlds?

The duplication glitch in The Outer Worlds is a neat cheat that allows players to duplicate droppable items as much as they want.

This can be used to sell a boatload in order to receive millions of bits, or you could simply exploit the glitch to give an OP weapon or piece of armour to each and every one of your brethren.

Because of how this glitch essentially sticks its middle-finger up to the game’s balance, we’d highly recommend you only exploit it on your second or third playthrough.

One of the best things about The Outer Worlds is how it immerses you in a dystopian future where resources are largely scarce, and you will completely lose this majestic experience if you don’t play by the laws of the game’s planets at least once.

With that being said, we’re not your mum so we can’t tell you what not to do. Just know that your time with the game will be worse than most others’ if you cheapen your only playthrough.

How to do the duplication glitch in The Outer Worlds

This glitch comes via YouTuber SFTB and you can watch their video guide above. Otherwise, keep reading for instructions on how to perform the duplication glitch.

First of all, you should know that you can perform the glitch at any point in the game. All you need to do is travel to Edgewater and proceed to the Cantina‘s porch.

Drop the item(s) you wish to duplicate on the porch and then fast travel back to Edgewater. Once you’ve done that, simply head back to the Cantina‘s porch and pick the dropped item(s) up.

After you’ve picked the item(s) up, you then want to fast travel to Edgewater once more. Again head to the Cantina‘s porch and you should find the dropped item despite having previously re-equipped it.

Rather than just fast travelling back to Edgewater, you’re going to want to drop the two duplicated items once more onto the porch and then repeat the above process. Once you come to the conclusion of the duplication glitch’s steps you should find four dropped items instead of just one.

To stop this from growing at a snail’s pace, it’s important to note that ISK Mogul have stated that you can drop and duplicate stacks of items. They don’t recommend dropping more than 30, but you can do more than just one at the beginning.

As a word of warning, SFTB notes that you should not duplicate more than 100 pieces as it will cause the save to become unplayable.

The YouTuber further warns that the game might begin to bug once you’ve visited the vendor six times to sell your items. To rectify this issue, all you need to do is save your game and load the file.

As for playing on Supernova difficulty, rather than fast travelling to Edgewater you must instead just walk out the main gate and then enter back in.

The Outer Worlds is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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