The release time for when Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order unlocks and launches on the PS4, Xbox One and Origin.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is nearly upon us and gamers are excited thanks to it being a linear and complete adventure without any multiplayer or microtransactions (EA has promised not to add any post-launch, too). The linear nature of the game might be disappointing for those hoping to pick between being a boyscout and a Sith, but for those who just want to enjoy a strong narrative that is canon the good news is that its release time for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin is fast approaching.

If you don’t know what to expect from Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, then the best way to sum it up is by describing it as a complete single-player experience you wouldn’t associate with EA. Its level design has been compared to Metroidvania games of the past, and it has also been compared with Dark Souls just like most other modern video games.

Its release date is November 15th and below you’ll find its release times.

There is no Early Access for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Before discussing the release time for when Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order launches and unlocks on PS4, Xbox One and Origin, it’s important to first note that there is no Early Access.

This is definitely a bummer as it means the biggest Star Wars fans won’t be able to play the game for up to ten hours before it’s released similar to Need For Speed Heat and FIFA 20 earlier in the year.

With that being said, the reason for why EA has opted against Early Access is commendable.

Per the EA Support Page (via the Express), the notion of Early Access for the game has been dismissed because EA doesn’t want to risk the possibility of story spoilers floating about the internet before release date.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order pre-order bonuses

Provided you’re a mega Star Wars fan, you will definitely want to pre-order Jedi Fallen Order before it’s released so you can attain its pre-order bonuses.

The Standard Edition costs £59.99 on the PSN Store (£53.99 for EA Access subscribers) and its pre-order bonuses can be found below:

  • Orange Lightsaber Blade Color

  • 2 cosmetic Lightsaber customization sets

  • Cosmetic skin for BD-1

Aside from the Standard Edition, there is also a Deluxe package (£69.99 – £62.99 with EA Access) which includes the same pre-order bonuses plus the following extra items:

  • Cosmetic skin for BD-1

  • Cosmetic skin for the Stinger Mantis

  • Digital Art Book

  • “Director’s Cut” behind-the-scenes videos, featuring over 90 minutes of footage from the making of the game

When does Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order unlock on PS4, Xbox One and Origin?

Origin says that the release time for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is 23:00 GMT on November 14th.

Gamesradar additionally notes that the UK Microsoft Store has the game scheduled to launch and unlock at 19:00 GMT, whereas the PSN Store simply states that the game will be available on November 15th (most probably at 00:00).

As for EST, Gamesradar further states that Origin, PS4 and Xbox One say that the game will unlock at Midnight on November 15th, meaning pacific time players should be able to become a Jedi at 21:00 on Thursday, November 14th.

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