Newcastle United have enjoyed a number of positive results under Steve Bruce in recent weeks.

Dimitar Berbatov has shared that he grew up supporting Newcastle United because of Alan Shearer as he stated that the Premier League’s all-time leading goalscorer is ‘everybody’s favourite’. 

The former Manchester United striker also shared how he used to copy Shearer’s iconic celebration of putting just one hand in the air when he used to score goals in training during the early part of his career. 

Shearer is regarded as one of the greatest modern days strikers as his most successful period came away from St James’ Park when he won the Premier League title with Blackburn Rovers.

Speaking to beIN SPORTS, the Newcastle United supporters will no doubt absolutely love Berbatov comments about their club and their club legend Shearer.   

“Shearer was a legend,” Berbatov told beIN SPORTS. “Yes [I was a Newcastle fan growing up]. Shearer! [does his iconic celebration]. Everybody’s favourite.

“This was iconic. Even in the club I used to play, after training we used to do a shootout. Volley, crossing, stuff like this. Every time someone scores a goal, Shearer! [does his celebration again].

“Alan Shearer and Van Basten, these are my two heroes growing up. Still to this day. Completely different players  But the goals that they score, I just love them to see how they play the game. Of course, didn’t try to imitate them, I liked them.”

During his Premier League career, Berbatov won the Premier League title at Old Trafford and he also played for the likes of Tottenham and Fulham.

Berbatov is more remembered for being a touch player, who was very technically gifted, whereas Shearer was a pure all-round brute. 

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