A guide for how to charge and repair your very first Trike Motorcycle in Hideo Kojima’s latest experimentation, Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is out and, despite being the second biggest PlayStation 4 title of the year, the reception from critics and gamers has largely been divisive with users on Metacritic having thrased it for being pretentious and boring. While we’re not going to say it’s the best game of all time that you absolutely must love or you’re stupid, what we will say is that the experience becomes less tiresome and a lot of easier once you’ve charged and repaired your very first Trike Motorcycle.

There’s a lot of vehicles in Death Stranding for you to charge and repair, but the Trike Motorcycle should be your very first. Ultimately it’s a godsend gift that can spare your from the hard manual labour of constantly having to balance Norman Reedus as he climbs up Mountains higher than Mount Snowden with over 100kg attached to his back, arms, shoulders and knees.

Below you’ll find out where to find and how to charge and repair your very first Trike Motorcycle so you can switch hiking for biking.

Where to find your first Trike Motorcycle in Death Stranding

The very first bike you’ll see in Death Stranding is during the game’s opening cut-scene, but the very first you’ll actually be able to ride is situated at the Distribution Center West Of Capital Knot City.

If you’re at the very beginning of the game, you needn’t threat about finding the Distribution Center yourself as the narrative will take you there naturally during the opening few hours.

Once you get to the Distribution Center West Of Capital Knot City, the first thing you’ll notice is the Trike Motorcycle that has been damaged beyond repair thanks to timefall.

The bad news is that you can’t immediately ride the bike and the further bad news is that you can’t fix it via Repair Spray. To add even more bad news, you must first make another lengthy delivery before you can even think about charging and repairing it.

How to charge the Trike Motorcycle in Death Stranding

When you get to the Distribution Center West Of Capital Knot City you will be ordered to make a delivery to the Wind Farm.

This means you will have to make another rigorous journey up mountains and steep hills, as well as stealth past more BTs while holding your breath for dear life as your BB wails incessantly at the most inappropriate of times.

After you’ve made the delivery to the Wind Farm, Mama will contact Sam and gift him with schematics for building generators from a PCC.

Return to the Distribution Center West Of Capital Knot City and build a PCC if you don’t already have one equipped to your head, shoulders, knees or toes. Attach it to your cargo, stand near the Trike Motorcycle and build a generator by opening the PCC and scrolling through the various options available (you should be able to build a post-box and bridge).

When the generator is built, there should be a blue circle around the Trike Motorcycle that charges it. This will allow you to ride the bike and make deliveries much easier.

How to repair the Trike Motorcycle and other vehicles in Death Stranding

Before you ride away on your very first Trike Motorcycle in Death Stranding, it’s highly recommended that you repair it.

This is very easy to do despite not being explained all that well.

To repair the Motorcycle, you must take it inside a Distribution Center and place it on the circular platform that takes people underground.

After you’ve parked the vehicle in the right spot, hop off of it and activate the terminal. You will now see an option titled Garage which will allow you to store your bike.

Do that and then repeat the process to get the bike back. When it returns it will be as good as new and available for you to ride like a wild hog.

Death Stranding is now available on PlayStation 4. It’ll arrive on the Epic Games Store and Steam simultaneously sometime in 2020.