Everything you must know about why Monster Energy drinks are in Death Stranding and what they’re used for.

Death Stranding is now available for all PlayStation 4 users with PC loyalists having to wait until 2020 to experience the oddly relaxing enjoyment of delivering packages in a hellish landscape plagued by invisible monsters of the dead. At the beginning of the experience there’s a lot of confusing and made-up terminology thrown about casually (as if you’d expect anything less from a Hideo Kojima game), but one of the more head-scratching sights and inclusions is Monster Energy drinks. In this article you’ll find out why they’re in the game and what they do.

Before Death Stranding was released there was a lot made about its confusing story and how even Kojima himself doesn’t fully understand it. The reviews have been largely divisive, but one thing people seem to agree on is that there’s a lot of product placement.

This Man Of Steel-esque levels of product placement would be considered gross if the game was Call Of Duty or something published by EA, but because it’s an experimentation made by Kojima-san people are largely forgiving. Plus, it helps that the Monster Energy drinks actually do serve a purpose.

Why are Monster Energy drinks in Death Stranding?

No one knows how and why Monster Energy drinks are canon in Death Stranding.

The inclusion of the brand has understandably caused a lot of confusion with plenty of people rightfully asking how the energy drink corporation still exists in a dystopian world where America needs to be rebuilt.

But then again, if you’re going to ask that you should also be asking why an advertisement for Ride With Norman Reedus on ABC covers the shower when Sam takes a number two.

What do Monster Energy drinks do in Death Stranding?

Monster Energy drinks in Death Stranding recharge Sam Porter Bridge’s stamina.

The cans can be found and consumed in Sam’s private quarters. You can also have a Monster Energy drink out in the wilderness when you’re stamina is depleted from having to constantly restore your balance thanks to swaying left-to-right from having too much weight on your forever ruined back.

Truth be told, the product placement is a little off-putting as it momentarily ruins immersion in a game that is trying to be emotional and important with its themes and messages. Although the Monster Energy drinks don’t completely ruin the experience, we’re sure there would be more of an uproar if there was an heavy emphasis on say Coco-Cola in a game that wasn’t made by Kojima.

We have seen a lot of product placement in modern video games recently such as Final Fantasy XV with Cup Noodle vans, so expect real-life products being shoved in your face to continue becoming part and parcel with the industry.

Death Stranding is now available on PS4. It’ll come to Steam and the Epic Games Store simultaneously in 2020.