The confused cat even has its own Instagram to dive into.

Memes, don’t you just love them?

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment we started using social media to look at memes more than we use it to connect. Then again, memes have almost become a new way to connect in a sense; to communicate through personal humour.

Those seasoned in the art of the meme will sometimes across as though speaking another language – like seriously. Everything feels like an in-joke, but there are some memes so popular that almost everybody recognises them. 

Interestingly, a fair number of iconic examples include cats. There’s just something so hilarious about them, and the likes of Grumpy Cat and beyond have truly taken the internet crown over the years. 

On the other hand, it looks like Smudge has the unimpressed feline dethroned… 

Smudge the Cat meme

The meme popularly known as Smudge the Cat has also been referred to as Confused Cat at Dinner, which is certainly the most self-explanatory name for it. 

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Often, it’s presented in the format of a woman – taken from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – yelling at a cat, with both images anchored by two subjects or topics which differ. As highlighted by Know Your Meme, the image of the cat looking confused at a table appeared on Tumblr on June 19th, 2018, – the user was ‘deadbefordeath’.

The post was titled “he no like vegetals”. Pretty funny, right? Well most agreed so too, as the same source notes that the image was reblogged over 50,000 times over the course of the year. 


Smudge the Cat: 10 funniest memes on Twitter

It seemed to go away for a while, but now it would appear that the popular meme has been resurrected to enjoy a second life of internet glory. 

Most of the examples have surfaced on Twitter, so here are our top ten favourites so far:











We found Smudge the Cat on Instagram!

Smudge is on Insta!

You can find the account at @smudge_lord; it’s no surprise that it’s incredibly popular, boasting a staggering one million followers.

In a recent recreation post, the owner wrote: ” I was so excited for one million followers that I made the face again! What’s your favourite picture of me so far? Thank you so much for everyone who’s followed so far.”

There are some great snaps on there, so be sure to give it a follow!

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