The steps required for how to find Team Rocket Go leaders in Pokemon Go in order to fight Giovanni.

SiThere’s a lot of hoopla at the moment about Pokémon Go and how there’s finally a Shiny Meowth. However, aside from that, there’s also been the invasion of Team Rocket Go leaders in London and in-game. These leaders have been teased all week, but now you can finally set out to find them.

Niantic has released a bunch of co-ordinates pointing to Team Rocket Go leaders via advertisements situated around the capital city of the United Kingdom. In addition to this, Niantic has also continued the Team Rocket Go invasion with the latest set of research quests, Looming In The Shadows.

You can check out Polygon’s step-by-step guide for how to complete the Looming In The Shadows, otherwise keep reading to discover the process for finding Team Rocket Go leaders to be able to fight Giovanni.

How to find Team Rocket Go leaders in Pokémon Go

The less hunky Team Rocket Go were introduced to Pokémon Go awhile back with A Troubling Situation, and since then Pokémon trainers have been fighting the nefarious duo’s Shadow Pokémon and Grunts.

Team Rocket Leaders have been teased all week and their arrival now means players have rivals for their own leaders Blanche, Candela and Spark. Niantic’s Team Rocket leaders are Cliff, Arlo and the super hot Sierra.

You can read the lore behind this trio by clicking here.

Finding and defeating the three Team Rocket leaders will reward you with the opportunity to fight the nefarious Giovanni. All you need to do is follow the below guide (via Niantic).

Defeating Giovanni will reward you with a Legendary Shadow Pokémon.

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