Who did Mother of Daughters troll? Instagram star embroiled in Tattle Life controversy!

Clemmie Hooper attends the mothers2mothers Wonder Women Tea at Bourne & Hollingsworth's Garden Room on March 4, 2019 in London, England.

Instagram star and blogger Mother of Daughters has admitted her part in a new Tattle Life controversy.

There's always controversy brewing somewhere on the internet and more often than not, the site Tattle Life is at the heart of it. 

Despite appearing harmless on the surface, the site has regularly come under fire for its gossip and discussion threads that have been accused of allowing open and anonymous bullying and harassment of everyone from YouTube and Instagram stars to more traditional celebrities.

The latest controversy to emerge surrounding the site features the blogger and Instagram star Mother of Daughters who has recently admitted her part in the whole affair.

But just who is Mother of Daughters and what exactly did she do?

Who is Mother of Daughters?

Mother of Daughters, whose real name is Clemmie Hooper, is a 33-year-old blogger, Instagram star, author and NHS midwife.

After starting out as a midwife, Clemmie, who is a mother of four daughters, has used her knowledge and talents to help other mums-to-be bring their own children into the world by setting up a blog, Gas & Air, as well as a podcast featuring a number of famous faces who also have stories to share about giving birth or parenthood. 

On the image sharing site Instagram, she's amassed a remarkable 673,000 followers, as of the time of writing, while her husband Simon, who goes by the name Father of Daughters on Instagram, has also picked up a sizable following with over one million followers of his own.

Tattle Life controversy - Mother of Daughters' statement

Despite the picture-perfect appearance on Instagram, Clemmie has been hiding a dark secret for several months but has now come clean about her use of the site Tattle Life.

On November 7th, Clemmie released a statement via her Instagram story that revealed her part in the emerging Tattle Life controversy.

Mother Of Daughters Instagram Story

Tattle Life controversy - Who did Mother of Daughters troll?

Clemmie admits that earlier in 2019, she became aware of the site Tattle Life, although she doesn't mention the site by name in her post, and that users on the site had been posting hurtful and judgemental comments about her and her family.

In order to change the Tattle Life users' perception of her, Clemmie created a fake account for herself, believed to be titled AliceInWanderlust, and began to comment in threads.

However, as Clemmie admits in her Instagram story, other users began to suspect this fake account which apparently led Clemmie to begin posting more cruel comments of her own, including allegedly calling her husband Simon "a class A t**t."

Whether coming forward in this fashion brings about the end of the matter for Clemmie herself remains to be seen.  

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