KSI and Logan Paul are set to face off once again in the boxing ring this weekend!

Forget the likes of Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury, the biggest boxing match of 2019 featuring global YouTube superstars KSI and Logan Paul’s long-awaited rematch is finally upon us. 

After the pair’s first showdown, in an amateur fight in 2018, the headguards are off this time around as KSI vs Logan Paul 2 will be a full-on professional fight.

As a result, both YouTube stars have been training hard for weeks, if not months, ahead of their much-anticipated rematch.

KSI has been seen training with a Team GB boxer as well as a current world champion ahead of the fight but has made one final and crucial preparation before the fight that fans are already in love with, a new hairstyle. 


KSI v Logan Paul 2

After KSI and Logan Paul’s first fight back in August 2018 ended in a majority draw, it was only a matter of time before the pair faced off in a second bout to finally settle their long-running feud once and for all.

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While the first fight took place in Manchester, in KSI’s native UK, the rematch will be in Logan Paul’s own backyard in Los Angeles, specifically the Staples Center where LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers strut their stuff. 

UK viewers won’t have the easiest time watching the fight itself as it’s scheduled for 8pm Pacific Time on November 9th in the US which is actually 5am on Sunday, November 10th in the UK – don’t forget to set your alarms, folks.

KSI’s new hairstyle

For months, KSI has been sporting some rather fetching blond dreadlocks but in preparation for his showdown with Logan Paul, has finally changed up his style to something more suitable for the occasion.

Gone are the dreadlocks and replacing them is a braided style that still features the blond highlights from the dreadlocks.

The style is much more suited to the upcoming boxing match as KSI won’t have blond dreadlocks flailing around mid-fight.  

Fans love it!

As well as being a super-useful addition in a practical sense, the new style also looks good in its own right and KSI’s fanbase has been quick to praise the new look.






KSI vs Logan Paul 2 is slated to get underway at 8pm PST on November 9th, which is 5am GMT on November 10th for us here in the UK.

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