Death Stranding cargo guide: How to repair damaged containers for packages

Death Stranding Guide How To Repair Damaged Containers For Packages And Cargo

A guide for how to repair damaged containers for packages in Death Stranding.

The extremely weird, bizarre and oddly meditative Death Stranding is now available on PS4 for everyone to play, and - while its reviews have been deemed divisive -Norman Reedus has boldly proclaimed it's better than Silent Hills' potential. Hideo Kojima's newest experimentation asks players to essentially take up the profession of a postman, and in this guide you'll discover how to repair damaged containers for packages and cargo.

Delivering undamaged packages to the likes of Geoff Keighley and Conan O'Brien in Death Stranding is fundamental to attaining great delivery ratings as no one in real life would dare praise a deliveryman for providing broken Amazon goods.

Fortunately, this is easier to do once you know how to repair containers that have been battered by your reckless traversing.

How to repair damaged containers for cargo and packages in Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a weird experience that asks you to deliver ungodly amounts of packages and cargo by piling it all atop Norman Reedus' poor back.

Thanks to Reedus being a heavy bloke with limited flexibility, as well as Death Stranding taking place in a world with harsh weather conditions, steep hills and deep rivers, your cargo and packages will eventually become damaged by you making mistakes on your travels.

Seeing cargo and packages become damaged has the potential to make even the nicest men and women get annoyed thanks to having travelled large distances, but the good news is that you can prevent this from happening again by knowing how to repair damaged containers.

To repair damaged containers, you will first need to open your Inventory and Offload your package. Then you'll want to open the item menu and equip the repair spray. L2 aims the spray and R2 fires it at the damaged goods.

You can find repair spray at distribution centers. Know in advance that they only fix the container rather than what's inside, meaning you'll have to use it as quickly as possible once your containers become damaged. Repairing your containers is fundamental to protecting everything inside that cannot be repaired.

There's also a limit to the amount of spray available inside each can so be wise when walking about Death Stranding's gorgeous landscape.

In addition to repair sprays, you can also fix damaged containers at Timefall Shelters. These structures protect you from the in-game rain that damages packages, and they also release some repair spray goodness.

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Death Stranding is now available on PS4.

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