Death Stranding guide for BTs: How to easily avoid stranded enemies by holding your breath!

Death Stranding Guide How To Easily Avoid BTs

A simple Death Stranding guide for how to avoid its BTs by holding your breath so you can continue making your deliveries.

Death Stranding has launched today for the PlayStation 4 only, but PC loyalists needn't threat as it's coming to the master race also in 2020. For those of you who are ready to connect America as soon as possible, below you'll find a nifty guide for how to avoid the stranded enemies known as BTs by holding your breath.

Hideo Kojima's latest experimentation has received a lot of praise with Norman Reedus himself proclaiming that it's superior to what Silent Hills was and could've become. It's also said to be an emotional experience that will make you cry, but fortunately that won't be from frustration via contending with BTs as they are fairly easy to avoid meaning you mostly won't have to try to kill them.

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How to find BTs in Death Stranding

BTs are nuisances in Death Stranding that turn your gentle stroll as a delivery guy into a full-on nightmare. What makes them especially terrifying is that they're invisible foes meaning they can be hard to spot and avoid for those who haven't brushed up on their How to Avoid BTs for Dummies book.

Fortunately, that's where we come in to provide the basics for how to manoeuvre around them. But first, you need to know how to find them so you know when and how to sleuth.

Aside from cut-scenes, you will encounter BTs when caught in Timefall. To be as blunt and basic as possible, this is when it rains in-game. You're not always guaranteed to encounter BTs when it rains, but you will notice they're around via your Odradek beginning to activate and spasm into life.

Once this happens, stealth is mandatory unless you want a nightmarish tussle.

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How to avoid BTs in Death Stranding

Now that you know how to find and spot BTs in Death Stranding despite them being invisible foes that leave nothing but prints in the ground, it's time to discuss how to avoid them.

Avoiding confrontation with BTs isn't as hard as you'd believe. This is because all you really need to do is crouch, move and hold your breath by holding R1.

Your Odradek will alert you where BTs are by looking in the direction of them and spinning faster when they're close to you.

As well as being able to understand where BTs are situated by following the guidance of your Odradek, you can also see them floating by scanning when extremely close.

In short, hold your breath with R1 when BTs are nearby and keep moving while crouched. Don't run as this will immediately alert them to your presence.

Also, keep an eye on your stamina gauge while holding your breath. If you allow it to completely deplete, then Sam will be forced to take a deep breath which will also spell your doom.

Death Stranding is now available on PS4

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