Annie Claus is Coming to Town may not rank among the best Christmas movies of all time but it will certainly warm your heart at this time of year.

As the days grow colder and shorter at this time of year, the need for cute and cheerful Christmas movies increases with each passing week.

While it was never destined to be winning any Oscars and almost certainly can’t compete alongside the likes of Home Alone, Annie Claus is Coming to Town offers up plenty of that charm and cheer to really get you into the festive spirit at this time of year. 

However, despite its low budget nature and cheesy script, Annie Claus is Coming to Town’s producers managed to bring in some impressive cast members to star in this festive flick. 

What is Annie Claus is Coming to Town about?

Annie Claus is Coming to Town tells the story of, you guessed it, Annie Claus, the daughter of Santa himself. 

Instead of helping out at the North Pole this year, Annie instead wants to spend the Christmas period somewhere new and travels to California for the festive period.

She befriends Lucy, a hotel owner and Ted, whose traditional Christmas toy shop is at risk of closing down.

Who’s in the main cast?

Despite the cheesy story and low budget nature of the film, Annie Claus is Coming to Town still managed to pull in some surprisingly well-known names for its cast.

Maria Thayer as Annie

Maria Thayer stars as Annie Claus, the daughter of Santa who travels to LA to help spread some Christmas cheer.

Thayer herself has almost 70 acting credits to her name according to IMDb. Chief among them were undoubtedly her appearances in 2009’s State of Play where she appeared alongside Russell Crowe and 2005’s Hitch where Will Smith led the cast.  

Samuel Page as Ted

Samuel Page plays the typically handsome love interest, Ted. His character runs a traditional Christmas toy store which is falling under hard times in a more digital age where all kids want are phones or games consoles. 

Like his co-star Thayer, Samuel Page’s acting career began in earnest way back in 1999 and he has since featured in almost 70 films and TV shows. His biggest role to date came in Mad Men where he starred as Greg Harris from 2008 until 2012. 

Vivica A. Fox as Lucy

Lucy is almost instantly befriended by Annie when she arrives in LA. Lucy runs the somewhat Christmas-themed Candy Cane Inn and is arguably played by the biggest actress in the film.

With almost 200 acting credits to her name, Vivica A. Fox has to be one of the busiest actresses working today. What’s more impressive is the fact that her roles have come in some pretty notable films and TV shows including Independence Day and its 2016 sequel, Kill Bill: Vol.1 and Batman & Robin but the less said about that, the better.