A Heavenly Christmas may not set the awards world alight but it’s enough to warm your heart at this cold time of year!

Who doesn’t love a Christmas movie at this time of year as the days grow ever shorter and colder?

A warm and cheerful Christmas film t’s the perfect antidote to the worsening weather and that’s exactly what A Heavenly Christmas provides. 

The 2016 film may not be able to compete with the likes of Home Alone as a household name at Christmas but it will still do the trick if you’re looking for a light-hearted pick-me-up at this time of year.

One of the biggest draws for the film itself is the cast which features an Academy Award winner no less. 

What is A Heavenly Christmas about?

A Heavenly Christmas tells the story of Eve, a workaholic who never paid much attention to the Christmas festivities.

That is until her untimely death and sudden recruitment into the Christmas angel industry that sees her having to spread the Christmas joy that was vacant from her life.

Her first assignment is a hard-luck case who also disliked the Christmas period until that is, the pair accidentally fall for each other. 

Who’s in the main cast?

Despite the low-budget nature of this film, the cast assembled for A Heavenly Christmas actually manages to pull together well and create a charming, if a little cheesy, Christmas movie.

Kristin Davis as Eve Morgan

Eve Morgan is a typical workaholic who makes no time to engross herself in the festive Christmas cheer. However, her untimely death leads her to become a Christmas angel, tasked with spreading the festive joy that she neglected during life.

The actress behind Eve, Kristin Davis, is a star of US television and has 40 acting credits to her name according to IMDb. Her most prominent role was that of Charlotte York in the Sex and the City TV series as well as both Sex and the City (1&2) films.

Eric McCormack as Max Wingford

Max Wingford, like Eve, is a similarly disenfranchised Scrooge-type character and is the target of Eve’s Christmas angel cheer.

Eric McCormack takes on the role of Max in one of 76 acting roles to date. Eric’s most notable role of his 30-year career is easily his 20-year stint on the US comedy-romance series Will and Grace where he has starred as Will Truman since 1998.

Shirley MacLaine as Pearl

Also taking on a key role in the film is Shirley MacLaine as Pearl, the big cheese of Christmas angels and Eve’s eventual angel-boss.

Shirley MacLaine is arguably the film’s biggest draw thanks to her Best Actress Oscar win for 1983’s Terms of Endearment

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