Christmas adverts are quickly filling up our TVs and Walkers’ new advert features some well-known faces.

Whether you’re full of Christmas cheer or you’re a sour-faced Scrooge when November rolls around and Christmas adverts start springing up on TV and decorations start lining shop shelves, you can’t help but admire the effort companies go to at this time of year.

While the annual John Lewis advert or the iconic Coca Cola commercial are always highlights of the run-up to Christmas, there are a few gems that appear from other brands as well at this time of year.

Walkers’ new Christmas advert just about falls into that bracket as it’s is clearly a much more adventurous outing than they’re usual Gary Lineker-starring ads, sorry Gary. 

Walker’s 2019 Christmas advert

Taking on the starring role in this year’s Walkers’ ad is non-other than Mariah Carey, the singing sensation responsible for one of the most popular Christmas songs of the past 25 years, yes All I Want for Christmas Is You released in 1994.

In the ad, in typical Walkers fashion, we see her politely arguing over a packet of crisps with an elf-eared member of her production team.

Being Mariah Carey she, of course, gets her way.

However, this member of the production team is no ordinary crew member.

Calum Worthy’s Christmas ad cameo

No, this crew member is non-other than Canadian actor Calum Worthy, who you may know from TV shows such as the Disney Channel’s Austin and Ally, Netflix’s American Vandal and the 2017 film Bodied.

Much like Mariah’s appearance, Calum clearly has his heart set on the last remaining packet of Pigs in Blanket flavour crisps.

Sadly for Calum, he can’t persuade Mariah to give up the crisps but with it nearly being Christmas she decides to give him one anyway.

However, just as he’s about to take a bite, a mischievous pigeon arrives out of nowhere and steals it. 

Calum’s definitely not been left bitter by the whole experience at all.

Fan’s react to surprise appearance

Fans of Calum Worthy were clearly surprised to see the 28-year-old actor not only appearing in a Walkers crisps advert but also doing so while putting on a totally convincing British accent.

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