The End of the F***ing World is back for season 2!

After an agonising two-year wait, The End of the F***ing World is finally back on our screens after the dark comedy-drama series made its long-awaited return for series 2.

Fans were left with a hugely frustrating cliffhanger ending last time out that left James’ fate very much up in the air.

Thankfully, despite getting shot in the final moments of series 1, James, played by 24-year-old actor Alex Lawther, didn’t die and is back for the second series along with his trademark burnt hand.

But is the burnt hand real or a makeup prosthetic?

The End of the F***ing World series 2

Despite fans waiting for just over two years for the continuation of James and Alyssa’s story, the first episode of the new season didn’t feature the pair at all, instead introducing us to a new character, Naomi Ackie’s Bonnie, who would go onto become a key component in the new series.

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Fans of The End of the F***ing World would have to wait until the series’ second episode to discover the fate of Alyssa and James with the latter making a surprise return after being shot in the final moments of series 1.

While Alyssa takes centre-stage in her series 2 return, James’ arrival on the scene, complete with his trademark burnt hand, takes not only her but the whole audience by surprise.

The backstory behind James’ hand

Despite the bulk of The End of the F***ing World’s story focusing on the Bonnie and Clyde antics of Alyssa and James, we do still get time to learn more about these characters and their backstories as the show progresses.

While James’ burnt hand is grim enough to look at, the reason for the injury is arguably worse.

James’ parents couldn’t be more different if they tried. While his dad is an almost overbearing and loveable character, James’ mother was an aloof and distant woman until she drove her car into a river, in front of her son, and was never seen again.

Young James blamed himself for her death and put his own hand into a boiling hot chip fryer, leaving the skin on his hand seared and sensitive. 

Is Alex Lawther’s hand actually burnt?

No. However, a number of fans were quick to question whether James’ burnt hand was an actual injury sustained by Alex Lawther or simply some well-done makeup.

As it happens, the injury is indeed purely for the show and is little more than cosmetic makeup and possibly prosthetics. 

The burnt hand has always been a key aspect of James’ character and despite his withdrawn personality, shows that there is a sensitivity to him, something that the final scene of season 2 charmingly highlights. 

Both seasons 1 and 2 of The End of the F***ing World are available to stream now on All 4.

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