Opinion: Channel 4 taking Taskmaster series 10 could 'ruin' the franchise

Taskmaster Greg Davies And Alex Horne

Taskmaster series 9 has just come to an end but series 10 could be some way off with Dave perhaps losing the show to another channel.

And so another series of Taskmaster has come to a triumphant conclusion and attention no doubt turns towards the show's next series.

However, as things stand, there isn't one in the works.

To make matters worse, Taskmaster's current home, UKTV's Dave, could well lose its flagship series to another channel in a move that will no doubt divide fans. 

As Taskmaster has been such a huge success for Dave, UKTV will certainly want to keep the show firmly where it is and so do I. 

Taskmaster series 9: The show's high point?

Ever since Taskmaster first hit our screens back in July 2015, the show has grown both in its audience and quality.

Each new series has been refined over the last and Taskmaster's most recent outing, series 9, has arguably been the best yet.

The astonishingly brilliant cast of comedians, David Baddiel, Ed Gamble, Jo Brand, Katy Wix and Rose Matafeo, and some of the most dastardly tasks to date have brought the show to a new level of excellence that has made Taskmaster one of the best shows on TV full stop.  

Are we getting a series 10?

At the time of writing, just after the final episode of series 9, no. 

However, while a new series is yet to be announced, much to the dismay of the show's fans and Dave's social media team, there are apparently ongoing discussions that would see Taskmaster renewed for series 10 and hopefully beyond.

But there's a twist to the tale. According to TBI, Channel 4 are interested in snatching Taskmaster away from its current home on UKTV's Dave. 

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Channel 4 would 'ruin' Taskmaster!

Ok, so despite the slightly sensational title, no, I don't think that Taskmaster moving to Channel 4 would outright ruin the show. Just look at the Great British Bake Off, that's effectively the same show as it was on the BBC but now with adverts in.

Obviously, if Taskmaster moved to Channel 4, the tasks and the studio sections would remain unchanged but if the show did move, I fear it would lose a lot of its signature charm.

Taskmaster has long been Dave's plucky little show that could. 

Given its rather simple format, making comedians do silly but dastardly well-thought-out tasks, that fact that Taskmaster has managed to bring in such sizable audiences, around 1.4 million viewers per episode for the most recent series, is absolutely miraculous. 

It would be a huge shame to see the show, that's been built up over 9 series on Dave, suddenly get snatched away by Channel 4 just as it was really starting to become a household name. Plus UKTV Play is a far nicer site/app to use than All 4, but I digress. 

Money always talks in the TV industry and Channel 4 can almost certainly cough up more than UKTV could in any potential deal with Taskmaster's parent company Avalon. 

Of course, little is known about the extent of the negotiations between the various parties themselves but if Channel 4 really are serious about acquiring the rights to Taskmaster then it will almost certainly make the switch.

All we're left waiting for is some concrete news as we already can't wait to see another series of Taskmaster.  

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