Mario Kart Tour: How to easily get 50 coins in a single race

Mario Kart Tour How To Get 50 Coins In A Single Race

How to get 50 coins in a single race for Mario Kart Tour to complete one of its newest challenges.

Mario Kart Tour has said au revoir to Halloween and salut to Paris. This has brought about Vacation Peach and Pastry Chef Shy Guy, as well as a set of new challenges which include having to get 50 coins during a single race.

The downloads for Mario Kart Tour have started to plummet now that over 123 million people have installed it, but more users may jump aboard the wagon once again in and after December where a multiplayer beta test is planned.

However, before Christmas arrives, you can complete the get 50 coins in a single race challenge by following the below guide.

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How to get 50 coins in a single race for Mario Kart Tour

Getting 50 coins in a single race for Mario Kart Tour may seem to be a daunting challenge, but it is more than doable provided you compete on the more appropriate courses.

You can either compete on the Yoshi Circuit from the Yoshi Cup or Choco Island 2 from the Peach Cup. If you have one in your possession, you'll also want to utilise the Gold Glider which greatly increases your chances of attaining gold coins.

As for drivers, you'll want to pick either Yoshi or Wendy depending on if you choose Yoshi Circuit or Choco Island 2 - this is so you have a chance of - hopefully - attaining a Coin Frenzy.

Once you've picked your driver and their corresponding Favoured course, you will then want to compete on 50CC so you can race slowly while still being in front of everyone else. The opposition are also less skilled and aggressive, meaning you're less likely to drop coins from being whacked by an item from behind.

This challenge is a doddle provided you get a Coin Frenzy, but even without one you should be fine depending on if you can master drifts to collect all the coins available on each course.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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