Mario Kart Tour drivers with a shell: How to land three hits with Green Shells

Mario Kart Tour Drivers With A Shell How To Land Three Hits With Green Shells

A guide to which drivers wear a shell in Mario Kart Tour so you can complete the 'land three hits with Green Shells' challenge.

Mario Kart Tour has taken to the capital city of romance, Paris. This has introduced the stunning Vacation Peach along with Pastry Chef Shy Guy, as well as a new set of challenges such as landing three hits with green shells while controlling a driver who wears a shell themselves.

The number of downloads for Mario Kart Tour have started to plummet, but this was to be expected as over 123 million people have already installed it. And all these folk will be glad to hear that a multiplayer beta test is scheduled for December.

But, before then, below you'll discover how to swiftly complete the following challenge: land three hits with green shells while using a driver wearing a shell.

Mario Kart Tour: Which drivers wear a shell?

There are plenty of drivers who wear a shell in Mario Kart Tour such as Wendy, Roy and Bowser, but there are only three you'll want to use because of them boasting Triple Green Shells as a special item:

  • Iggy

  • Lakitu

  • Dry Bones

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Mario Kart Tour drivers with a shell: How to land three hits with Green Shells

You could technically complete the challenge with any driver you want via picking up a sole Green Shell during a race, but the above drivers will allow you to accomplish the convoluted objective sooner rather than later.

This is because the Triple Green Shells special item/skill results in three shells being fired at once meaning you have much better odds at landing multiple hits.

If you're fortunate to acquire a Frenzy too, the challenge will be a doddle thanks to the ability to spam the aforementioned special skill. To get a Frenzy with either driver you will need to compete on one of their Favoured courses.

You can find the Favoured courses for Iggy, Lakitu and Dry Bones below:

  • Iggy - Choco Island 2R

  • Lakitu - Waluigi Pinball T, Paris Promenade T, Toad Circuit T, Mario Circuit 2T, Mario Circuit 3T, Ghost Valley 1T

  • Dry Bones - Bowser's Castle 1T, Shy Guy Bazaar T

In addition to picking either of the above drivers and courses, you'll also want to use a Parafoil glider if you own one as this will further increase your odds of attaining a Green Shell.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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