Mario Kart Tour Bullet Bill: How to cause opponents to crash three times

Mario Kart Tour Bullet Bill How To Cause Opponents To Crash Three Times

How to get a Bullet Bill so you can complete the Mario Kart Tour challenge which requires you to cause three opponents to crash.

Mario Kart Tour is in the city of romance, Paris, with Princess Peach having donned a stunning Vacation outfit while being greeted by Shy Guy as a Pastry Chef. There are an assortment of challenges to complete, and this guide pertains to the cause opponents to crash three times with a Bullet Bill objective.

A multiplayer beta test is said to take place in December, meaning you should soon be able to play legitimately against your mates and family. But, before then, let's complete the cause opponents to crash three times with a Bullet Bill challenge.

Mario Kart Tour: How to get a Bullet Bill and cause opponents to crash three times

This challenge is more about placement rather than using a specific driver. You'll of course want to compete on one of your chosen driver's Favoured courses so you pick up three items from a box instead of one or two (meaning to have greater odds at attaining a Bullet Bill).

Nintendo's Bullet Bill item is an iconic tool that turns drivers into a literal bullet that smashes past opponents while hurrying up the track past any and all obstacles. It's an item that can't be attained in first place as it's designed to turn losers into surprising winners.

With that being said, you'll want to largely be positioned in seventh place during your attempts at getting the item. This is because we've found seventh position is better for getting the Bullet Bill whereas eighth is better for attaining the power of Thor, Lightning.

To further increase your chances at attaining a Bullet Bill so you have more to rely on rather than just driving in seventh place, you'll also want to utilise the Super rare Wario Wing as it boasts Bullet Bill Plus.

Once you attain a Bullet Bill during a race, you'll want to ensure that the competition is directly in front of you so you knock them over rather than just catch-up.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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