It's Happy N7 Day and fans still crave a Mass Effect trilogy remaster

It's Happy N7 Day And Fans Still Crave A Mass Effect Trilogy Port

Fans are spreading happy N7 day wishes on Twitter and there's still a hankering for a Mass Effect trilogy remaster.

It's happy N7 day and EA and BioWare have celebrated the occasion by releasing Mass Effect inspired skins for Anthem. We haven't had a new instalment in the greatest sci-fi RPG series since the incredibly divisive Andromeda back in 2016, but we have heard repeatedly that the franchise isn't dead. However, away from a totally new instalment, fans are still clamouring for a remaster of the original trilogy.

The year hasn't been great for BioWare as Anthem has been a colossal disaster that EA has supposedly started to pretend doesn't exist. Not to mention there's been a lot of concerns about the impending Dragon Age 4 being just as bad as Anthem by repeating its mistakes with games-as-a-service.

Yet, while there's been a lot of justified negativity aimed at both EA and BioWare, there's still a huge community that adores the latter thanks primarily to Mass Effect.

Happy N7 Day

November 7th is known amongst the video game community as N7 Day. This is because of Mass Effect and Commander Shepard, and fans over on Twitter have gotten together to fondly remember the Normandy crew and their adventures to defeat the Reapers.

As well as fondly remembering some of the greatest video games to have ever been made, fans have also re-established that they are still hankering for a Mass Effect trilogy remaster.

"I'd drop serious coin for this"

One Mass Effect fan on Twitter posted an image of a dream bundle for Xbox One that includes the original trilogy remastered, one of the books and a weapon replica.

This understandably resulted in numerous responses saying they would definitely buy it.

Unfortunately, a Mass Effect trilogy remaster isn't likely to ever happen as BioWare have insisted in the past that while it would make an easy buck, they want to move forwards with the series rather than backwards.

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That is an easy to understand and commendable stance, but there's no denying that a Mass Effect trilogy remaster would result in huge amounts of people forgiving BioWare and EA for their recent mishaps.

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