Everything you must know about the release time for when Death Stranding unlocks and launches on PS4.

The release time for Death Stranding is fast approaching, meaning digital copies of the game on PlayStation 4 will soon unlock and launch. This means today is your very last chance to pre-order the game to collect a few bonuses.

Death Stranding is an enigma that Hideo Kojima himself doesn’t fully understand despite recently trying to explain it to the BBC. Reviews have been divisive and all over place, but Norman Reedus himself has claimed that the game is far better than what Silent Hills would and could’ve become.

That bold claim alone is more than enough to get us excited, and PS4 loyalists should be pumped to know that the game’s release time is very soon.

Death Stranding PS4 pre-order bonuses

If you haven’t opted to buy a physical copy from the likes of GAME or Amazon, and you still haven’t pre-ordered a digital version, then you may very well want to right that wrong in order to attain some pre-order bonuses.

We wouldn’t usually recommend pre-ordering games when their reviews are expected on launch day, but Death Stranding is a completely different case as its reviews have been out since November 1st. This means there’s more than enough opinion pieces out in the wilderness for you to read and come to an educated conclusion as to whether or not it’s the sought of meditative experience you’d eat up.

If you’ve decided Death Stranding is a game you’d very much like to play from day one, then you will want to pre-order it from the PSN Store provided you haven’t already.

The Standard Edition is £54.99 and it comes with the following extras/bonuses:

  • Chibi Ludens avatar

  • PS4 Dynamic Theme

  • Gold “Sam” Sunglasses

  • Gold Hat

  • Gold Speed Skeleton

  • Gold Armour Plate

Meanwhile, the Digital Deluxe Edition is £64.99. It comes with the same pre-order bonuses plus the following:

  • Complete Avatar Set

  • DEATH STRANDING: Timefall (Original Music from the World of Death Stranding)

  • Behind the Scenes footage

  • Gold “Ludens Mask” Sunglasses

  • Gold Power Skeleton

  • Gold All-Terrain Skeleton

  • Gold Armour Plate (Lv. 2)

What time does Death Stranding release on PS4?

The release times for when Death Stranding unlocks and launches on PlayStation 4 are as follows (via VG24/7):

  • 21:00 PT on November 7th

  • 00:00 ET on November 8th

  • 00:00 GMT on November 8th

  • 00:00 NZDT on November 8th

You’ll be able to buy physical copies from stores on November 8th.

Death Stranding launches for PlayStation 4 only, but it is set to come to PC sometime in 2020.

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