Everything you must know about what an emote is in Call Of Duty Mobile and how to use them.

While Call Of Duty Modern Warfare has been a success with its excellent campaign despite it irking some people with its politics, Activision’s Mobile adaptation for the series has been an even bigger success with its downloads continuing to increase as Mario Kart Tour‘s start to plummet. Aside from asking when zombies and controller support are coming, fans have also been incessantly asking what is and are emotes.

Call Of Duty Mobile controller support is still being worked on as of writing so there’s no over-the-moon news to report in that regard, meaning we may as well use this time to answer the question people keep searching: what are emotes in Call Of Duty Mobile?

We’ll also explain how to use them so you can be an insufferable nitwit and poor winner.

What is an emote in Call Of Duty Mobile?

Emotes in Call Of Duty Mobile are insufferable poses and manners of bragging much like the infamous Take The L in Fortnite dance that has plagued football.

Some of these emotes include the following:

  • Salute

  • Recognize Me

  • Mad Respect

  • Cut-throat

  • Fist Pump

  • Yeah Buddy

  • Muscle Show

  • Two Thumbs Up

  • Sweep This

  • Clucked Up

  • Poplock

  • Selfie

  • Gunslinger

How to use an emote in Call Of Duty Mobile

To use a specific brag in Call Of Duty Mobile, you will want to equip certain emotes and sprays before a match. Access the Loadout and proceed to the Customisation sub-menu.

Once you’ve done that, you will see a variety of emotes and sprays available for your disposal. When you find the emotes that tickle your fancy, all you need to do then is select Equip in the bottom right-corner.

This will open the radial menu for which you can assign only 12 emotes and sprays.

To use an emote during a match after you’ve pulled a fast one over an opponent or bot, all you need to do is select the thumbs-up icon at the top of the screen to open the emotes and spray menu.

Select the emote you wish to perform and the first-person perspective will switch to third-person so you can see and be embarrassed by your humiliating performance.

While we wouldn’t recommend using emotes anyway as they’re a sad indictment of modern day football celebrations, you should know that using an emote does make you extremely vulnerable to deaths out of nowhere.

You’ve been warned.

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