A guide to which drivers wear short sleeves so you can complete the corresponding Mario Kart Tour challenge which requires you to score 7,000.

The Mario Kart Tour Halloween event has finished but there’s no reason for fans to be upset as Nintendo has decided to replace it with Paris. Over 123 million people have downloaded the game since its September 25th launch, and one of the many new challenges this week includes scoring 7,000 with a driver wearing short sleeves.

Fans have constantly asked when multiplayer is coming to Mario Kart Tour and the good news is that a multiplayer beta test is said to commence in December. But, before then, below you can find out which drivers wear short sleeves so you can complete the corresponding challenge which requires you to score 7,000 or more.

Mario Kart Tour: Which drivers wear short sleeves?

There are plenty of Mario Kart Tour drivers who wear short sleeves:

  • Baby Daisy

  • Baby Peach

  • Baby Rosalina

  • Peach

  • Daisy

  • Wario

  • Vacation Peach

  • Peachette

Now that you know which drivers to use, it’s time to discuss how to score 7,000.

How to score 7,000 with a driver wearing sleeves in Mario Kart Tour

Cheep Cheep Lagoon with Peach and Daisy Hills with Daisy are the easiest courses most people have scored 7,000 or more with a driver wearing short sleeves. Ultimately though, you’ll want to pick available courses which allow your drivers to pick up three items at once from an item box.

The below Favoured courses come from the Character Logs.

  • Baby Peach – Cheap Cheap Lagoon

  • Baby Daisy – Daisy Hills T

  • Baby Rosalina – Rainbow Road T, Choco Island 2T

  • Peach – Koopa Troopa Beach R, Koopa Troopa Beach T, Yoshi Circuit R, Mario Circuit 1T

  • Daisy – Daisy Hills, Daisy Hills T, Cheep Cheep Lagoon R, Shy Guy Bazaar R

  • Wario – Kalimari Desert R, Kalimari Desert T, Choco Island 2T

  • Peachette – Dino Dino Jungle R, Toad Circuit, Toad Circuit T

If you can use any of the above courses with their corresponding driver, then scoring 7,000 will be a doddle. But, if not, then you should still be able to do it.

To score 7,000 or more as easily as possible, you will want to hit others with items and perform as many drifts and jump boosts as humanly possible.

You can also pick a driver, kart and glider with the highest total of points, but you should be able to complete the challenge with relative ease provided you collect coins and do all of the above.

Oh, and you’ll also want to finish in first place for extra points.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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