No poppy? Kevin Maguire sheds light on Good Morning Britain controversy

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Kevin's decision certainly didn't go amiss with audiences.

At this time of year, pretty much everybody can be seen going about their business with their attire adorned by a poppy. 

In the lead-up to Remembrance Day on November 11th, we wear poppies to show our respects and honour those who bravely lost their lives while striving for a better future. 

The poppy is not a fashion statement, but a symbol of sincere gratitude. More likely to wear the poppy are celebrities; why? Well, because they have so many eyes on them, and it can be considered important that they subtly remind us that the date is approaching. 

However, when those in the media are seen without one, it's safe to say that it raises a few eyebrows...

An attendant distributes commemorative poppies prior to a commemorative ceremony at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s Beny-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery in Normandy on June 05, 2019...

Kevin Maguire: No poppy?

On Wednesday, November 6th 2019, British journalist Kevin Maguire appeared on Good Morning Britain, chatting with Piers Morgan and other guests. 

It's hardly controversial, and their talk was engrossing and engaging. Nevertheless, some viewers couldn't help but find themselves distracted whenever he was on screen...

Kevin stood out for not wearing a poppy, and as you'd expect, the public wanted to know why. 


What did GMB audiences say about Kevin Maguire?

Audiences headed straight over to Twitter, asking both Kevin and Good Morning Britain for an explanation.   

One viewer wrote: "#GMB @piersmorgan Can you please ask Kevin Maguire why he can't even be bothered to wear a poppy whilst appearing on your programme?"

Taking a more angered approach, another added: "Why does GMB have a hateful journalist like Kevin Maguire sitting at the table with no poppy on? He has no respect."

This seems like a bit of an attack, and perhaps the journalist's reasoning behind the symbol's absence will satisfy those who feel it was disrespectful:


Kevin Maguire explains the poppy situation

Kevin tweeted: "TV shows from the end of October try to persuade guests to wear poppies without asking for donations. Presenters are under huge pressure to conform. I like to buy mine nearer Remembrance Sunday."

Paddy O'Connell later responded in a tweet: "Hi am travelling in a bus with WW2 Veterans in The Netherlands and we all totally agree with your position! Please keep on doing exactly what you want! These TV poppies are often handed out for free anyway."

Over the years, Kevin has stuck to his guns regarding his views on wearing the poppy earlier. In a 2013 tweet, he wrote: "To all Poppy Police asking why I'm not wearing one: I wear my Poppy with pride a week before Remembrance Sunday, not in October."

Perhaps he's just narrowed it down over the years. Further explaining in a tweet posted on Wednesday, November 6th 2019, he said: "Many ex-armed forces despise the armchair warrior Poppy Police. I’ll buy mine tomorrow and wear it with pride ahead of Remembrance Sunday but every year the nationalist reactionaries make me think of stopping."

He's certainly made his stance clear. 

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