Jack Ryan is back for a second season but where did Amazon’s production team film the series?

It hasn’t taken long for Amazon’s Jack Ryan series to become a headline show on the Prime Video service thanks to its killer cast and adventurous narratives.

While season 1 took us on a globetrotting adventure from Washington and Morocco and to Paris and Maryland, season 2 has had to up its game to one-up its preceding season.

As a result, the production crew behind Jack Ryan flung itself to all four corners of the globe when filming season 2 of the hit Amazon series.

But where exactly did they film?

Jack Ryan season 2

Fresh off the president-saving success of season 1, Jack Ryan is quickly onto his next adventure as an unsanctioned satellite launch and political unrest lead Ryan and co. to the South American country of Venezuela.

Jack Ryan’s second outing is full of dramatic twists and turns as the mystery of the situation becomes ever clearer.   

Where is season 2 filmed?

While, of course, Jack Ryan’s second season is supposedly based in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, Amazon actually travelled to the Colombian capital of Bogota in order to film for season 2.

The reason for this is due to ongoing civil unrest in the neighbouring Venezuela which is a huge aspect of the show itself.

Other filming locations used during the second season of Jack Ryan include London where Jack can be seen flinging himself across rooftops in pursuit of a dangerous assassin, Moscow, where we’re reintroduced to Jim Greer ahead of the season’s main adventure and, of course, there’s some filming back in the US, more specifically New York.  

Where should Jack Ryan visit in season 3?

Despite that fact that season 2 of Jack Ryan has only just been released, a third season has already been confirmed by Amazon and is expected in 2020 but where could the third season take us?

After both seasons 1 and 2 have taken us to countries with plenty of political unrest, all we need to do is look for similar countries around the world that are experiencing political turmoil.

Some of the best candidates include Spain/Catalunya, Hong Kong and, of course, Russia which is a country synonymous with Tom Clancy’s original Jack Ryan stories.

For more on why Jack Ryan’s third season should visit these locations, check out our full article on the topic here.