Netflix audiences have finally been treated to the return of Greenleaf.

Craig Wright, you really came through on this one…

The 53-year-old American multi-talent is known by many as a playwright, producer and a writer. However, the projects he’s been apart of over the years have been the true talking point. 

What are the greatest TV series of the last twenty years? We’d wager that both Six Feet Under and Lost would both come up numerous times in answer to such a question. Craig wrote some episodes for both series, and he also created the TV series Dirty Sexy Money, which arrived in 2007 and aired until 2009. 

Since then, he’s achieved tremendous success as the creator of Greenleaf. Executive-produced by Oprah Winfrey, the show has been making waves since 2016, and years later, it shows so signs of slowing. 

Is Greenleaf renewed for Season 5?


Greenleaf season 5 has been confirmed to return for a fifth season. 

Season 4 began airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) on Tuesday, September 3rd 2019. It ran for ten episodes – the shortest season yet – and concluded on Tuesday, November 5th. 

Since then, the episodes have landed on Netflix, becoming available on Wednesday, November 6th. Following on from the great news, fans have been working to binge through what is sure to be crowned one of the most impressive seasons yet. 

Greenleaf season 5: When will it air?

As of yet, a Greenleaf season 5 air date is unconfirmed. 

However, there are ways to make an educated guess, especially considering it was renewed on Tuesday, November 5th; the date the concluding episode aired. 

New seasons of the series tend to surface roughly after eight to nine months on from when the previous ended. So, with season 4 rounding off in November, we suspect that the new season could arrive as early as August 2020. Of course, this is just speculation, as season 5 could very well reach us before this, or indeed, after. 

Every single season has begun airing in a different month, so there is no distinct pattern to follow, unlike some shows.  


Fans talk Greenleaf season 4 on Twitter

Audiences have already offered their largely positive thoughts on the latest batch of episodes.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Season 4 of #Greenleaf came with great acting, unanswered questions, room for extra storylines, a few spin-offs, a lot of drama…”

Another tweeted: “Season 4 is definitely one of the best seasons. #Greenleaf,” while another added: “Season 4 was everything! Great job. #Greenleaf.”

Similarly, this tweet expressed: “Greenleaf Season 4 Finale Had Me Shocked. But Good Season!” It’s great to hear so much praise, and one fan took the time to thank those who have contributed to the work: “Loved every minute of it. Thank you for the beautiful show, can’t wait for season 5. #Greenleaf.”

We can’t wait either!

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