Dublin Murders has come to an end on BBC but not before leaving its viewers with more questions than answers.

After four weeks and eight dramatic episodes, Dublin Murders has finally come to an end in typically mind-bending fashion.

The series always promised to have a confusing ending but the levels to which the show went to leave audiences scratching their heads is almost unparalleled.

Not only is the mysterious event in Rob’s past left open to ambiguous interpretation but the bizarre appearance of a wolf in the final episode has only added to viewers’ frustrations as they try to work out exactly what happened. 

Dublin Murders series finale

Dublin Murders always promised to be a mind-bending series. The Dublin Murder Squad book series that the TV show is based on is notorious for its dramatic twists and turns so it’s only fitting that the finale left fans with more questions than answers.

While the series’ main case, that of Katy Devlin’s murder, was more or less solved, the mysterious event in Rob/Adam Reilly’s past, that saw two of his friends disappear, has been left frustratingly open-ended.

Not only that but a bizarre appearance of a wolf in the final episode has left fans even more confused.  

Are there wolves in Ireland?

No. It is believed that the wolf population in Ireland has been extinct since 1786 when the country’s last wolf was killed.

Of course, it is possible that a few individuals survived beyond this date but it is widely believed that wolves have been long gone from Ireland.

But then why did one appear in Dublin Murders’ final episode and what does it mean?  

Fans are seriously confused

It’s safe to say that the final episode of Dublin Murders has left fans of the series just a little confused.

A number of the series’ viewers have taken to social media to discuss not only the bizarre appearance of the wolf but also its meaning in the final episode.

Unfortunately for viewers, it looks like the answers they’re after aren’t coming their way any time soon as the show has been left purposefully ambiguous to allow its audience to draw its own conclusions.

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