Dublin Murders may have come to an end but viewers have been left with plenty of questions

After four weeks and eight dramatic episodes full of twists and turns, Dublin Murders has come to an end and despite wrapping up the main storyline, left plenty of story threads dangling for viewers to get their heads around.

While detectives Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox have been working to solve the murder of Katy Devlin, there is an underlying mystery to the series and more crucially, it involves Rob himself.

We see regular flashbacks to an incident in his past that saw two of his friends disappear and him losing almost all memory of the incident in question.

Dublin Murders’ series finale revisits the night of the mysterious incident to give Rob a degree of closure but what happened to his friends Peter and Jamie? 

Dublin Murders’ series finale

Dublin Murders follows detectives, Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox, as they investigate the grim murder of a young girl which has a worrying link to an event in Rob’s past.

The incident in question is revisited several times throughout the series and the personal connection Rob shares with this past incident and current case throws his career in jeopardy.

While the case involving young Katy Devlin is finally solved, several threads are left dangling in relation to this traumatic event in Rob’s past, most notably…

What happened to Peter and Jamie?

Back in 1985, Rob – who was known as Adam at the time – and his two friends Peter and Jamie ventured off in the forest. However, only Adam would return and has been haunted by the event ever since. 

We’ve seen flashes of the event throughout the series and have been trying to piece together what really happened ever since the first episode and fans have come up with some fascinating theories.

Given that Peter and Jamie disappeared in 1985 and haven’t been seen or heard from since, it’s almost certain that the pair are dead. 

The only trouble is, that’s never confirmed and for Rob, their fate is still up in their when the final credits roll at the end of the series, they simply just vanished. 

Why their fate has been kept from us

Obviously, the fact that Peter and Jamie’s fate has been kept a mystery is undoubtedly frustrating for Rob and viewers alike but it’s a conscious choice by the series’ creators and mirrors the storyline in Tana French’s original Dublin Murder Squad novels.

The reason why their fate remains a mystery is simply to imitate real life as you don’t always get the answers you perhaps want.

Just look at the case of Madeliene McCann. That girl has been missing since 2007 and no one can quite explain what happened to her or where she might possibly be.

The case of Peter and Jamie will always be a mystery which means that viewers have been asking plenty of questions and demanding more from Dublin Murders, which if anything, is only a good thing for the show.

There is no news of a second Dublin Murders series as of yet but there are four more books in the Dublin Murder Squad series which could easily become more series if the BBC wants to continue the show.

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