When is See episode 4 coming to Apple TV+? Season 1 episode guide here!

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Jason Mamoa stars in See now streaming on Apple TV Plus but when is episode 4 releasing?

Apple have joined the likes of Netflix and Amazon by muscling their way into the online streaming industry with their new service Apple TV+.

A whole swathe of fascinating original programmes have been available from launch on November 1st but in some cases, not all of the episodes have been ready to stream from day one.

For example, the first three episodes of the Jason Mamoa-starring See were released on Apple TV+'s launch day but there is no sign of episode 4 just yet.

But when is the fourth episode available to watch?

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What is See about?

See, starring Game of Thrones' and Aquaman's Jason Mamoa, is set hundreds of years into the future where a deadly virus has wiped out almost all of humanity and those that remain have been left blind by the disease. 

However, the fine balance that's been established by the remaining humans is quickly thrown into question as a pair of newborn children are born with the ability to see. 

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See Apple TV Jason Mamoa

When is episode 4 released?

While the first three episodes of See were available to stream from Apple TV+'s launch on November 1st, the rest of the season is releasing weekly.

That means that episode 4 in the first season of See is heading our way on Friday, November 8th. 

Season 1 episode guide

Season 1 of Apple TV+'s See will release on the following dates.

Episode 1: November 1st

Episode 2: November 1st

Episode 3: November 1st

Episode 4: November 8th

Episode 5: November 15th

Episode 6: November 22nd

Episode 7: November 29th

Episode 8: December 6th

A second season of See has already been commissioned by Apple TV+.

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