Jack Ryan returned for series 2 on October 31st but a third adventure is already planned out for the Tom Clancy spy.

Amazon Prime’s Jack Ryan is back for a second season and after his Syria-based antics in season 1, travels to Venezuela as another political powder-keg is about to ignite. 

Fans of the series will also be pleased to know that Amazon have already renewed Jack Ryan for a third season so if you’ve already blitzed through Jack Ryan’s second outing, it won’t be too long before John Krasinski will be back on our screens as the iconic Tom Clancy character.

But after taking us on two globe-trotting adventures already, where would season 3 take the story of Jack Ryan?

Well, we’ve given it some thought and have come up with three ideal locations for Jack Ryan’s third season.


The Spanish region of Catalunya has been at the heart of political turmoil for decades.

Ever since the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s dictatorial regime, the people of Cataluyna have been victims of an almost oppressive Spanish government.

That’s something that reared its ugly head once again when in 2017, the people of Catalunya voted for independence in a referendum which deemed unofficial and was blocked by the Spanish government who have since arrested and jailed a number of those behind the independence movement.

As a result, there has been a lot of protest and civil unrest in Catalunya and its capital Barcelona, something that would be an ideal setting for a Europe-based season of Jack Ryan.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been at the centre of persistent and at times violent protest in recent months after a ruling about extraditing prisoners to Hong Kong’s next-door neighbours, China.

Dropping Jack Ryan into the middle of Asia would surely leave the former data analyst well out of his comfort zone and given the volatile situation would make for a fascinating story, especially given the raised stakes about working so closely to one of the world’s biggest and potentially most dangerous superpowers.

However, you don’t get higher stakes than…


Russia would make for the ideal final season of Jack Ryan. The Tom Clancy spy was first created during the Cold War, is synonymous with Russia and arguably some of Tom Clancy’s best-known work is centred around Jack Ryan’s escapes in or involving Russia such as The Hunt for Red October. 

It’s already been teased that Ryan could have joined his colleague Jim Greer in Moscow after season 1 but the pair instead ended up in Venezuela in season 2. 

While it may have been postponed, a trip to Russia for Jack Ryan in season 3 or beyond could bring about some immense drama, especially if the season was released around the time of an election (say November 2020) and rumours of Russian involvement still persist.

While season 3 of Jack Ryan is on its way to Amazon Prime, there has been no confirmed release just yet.

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